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The Horror Of Repetition


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Sorry Doc, I just couldn't help mentioning that the other day I got a couple new dolls:








*pokes the bear*  ^_^



Firefly. Yes, I went there. *awaits gasps of horror and protestations over how incredible it is* <_< Sorry, it's just...that is quite literally the reaction I used to get every single time I said that I hadn't seen it. I finally watched the first 4-5 episodes just to make that reaction STOP. I mean, I watched Serenity well before I even knew that Firefly was a thing, and liked it well enough on its own. But having Firefly shoved down my throat by far too many of my well-meaning friends just made me prepared to dislike it when I did start watching it, since everyone kept exclaiming about how it was the best show EVAR MADE. It was...eh. I can see now why people like it, and I think I would have really enjoyed it if it hadn't been ruined for me, but all I got out of the few episodes I did see was that Mal is kind of a jerkface, Kaylee is a sweetheart, and Inara is a much deeper character than I supposed at first. *shrug*


Well, see, Mal is a jerkface because he's damaged, and it's how he keeps people from knowing what a good person is actually is. And Kaylee is much more than just a sweetheart, though she's certainly that. At the point where the series got canned (*slaps Fox*) they just got into some really good character development. It is the greatest thing since sliced bread? No, I don't think so. But if they hadn't canned it it could have been.


Leaf on the wind...

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