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[Pathfinder] Kingmaker Adventure Path


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As no one seemed eager to jump headfirst into a brawl, I’ve ‘fast-forwarded’ a couple of hours to fill in the afternoon and get us back to the action.

Vonthra and Alexi gather up some rations, leaving Akiros in peace, and head back to the courtyard, starting preparations for a stew. The promise of a meal they don’t have to work for quickly ingratiates you with the bandits present, and Beremor, Ellandar, and Aldrath are soon drawn into the card game. Jex and the third player, Topper, run you through the rules, at least so far as they can agree on them (it would seem local variations are common). It quickly becomes clear that little love is lost between Jex and the other bandits—nicknamed “the Snitch”, he’s apparently in the habit of reporting the others’ mistakes to the Stag Lord. You also discover that Topper is something of a poet, and finds the life of a lawless brigand quite exhilarating. Finally, you discover that the Stag Lord has three lieutenants, at least in a manner of speaking. Akiros is his second-in-command, but arrived relatively recently, displacing Dovan, the dark-haired tattooed man you saw earlier. Third is Auchs; a lumbering but simple-minded brute with a penchant for cruelty.

As dusk approaches, the men gather to partake of the stew. Most of the bandits appear to be present (Dovan, Auchs, Cragger, Falgrim, Norry, Jex, Topper, and two others that are introduced as Ayles and Dirty Jeb). Notably absent are Akiros and the Stag Lord, and you hear no sign of activity from the direction of their quarters.


I’ll assume you all had the opportunity to conspire while preparing the meal; feel free to discuss among yourselves in or out of character your next course of action now that you’ve successfully infiltrated the bandit fort.



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well, I am going to kick this back off.  the plan has been discussed and I hope everyone agrees or this is going to get... interesting.


Ellandar will rest until well into complete darkness.  When the camp has quieted down, she will sneak over to the bosses living quarters (stealth 13+4 = 17) and wait for the diversion to draw away guards and prying eyes.  Once the guards are drawn away, she will go up to the door give a hasty look for traps and locks (7+4=11 perception).

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The camp slowly winds down for the night. A few bandits remain on watch, and a few others disappear to remote corners of their fort, apparently preferring to take their rest in solitude. You wait until the bandits remaining in the common area appear to have fallen asleep, and you see no light or movement from Akiros' quarters.


DM rolls: 19, 4, 6, 12


By the light of the dwindling campfire, Ellandar approaches the Stag Lord's quarters, her elvish vision just enough to make out the door. It does not appear to be secured in any fashion; from what you've seen and heard, the Stag Lord's temper is enough to keep any of his followers from disturbing his rest.


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Stag Lord's Will save: d20+1 = 2


Ellandar successfully makes her way into the Stag Lord's chambers, the crude wooden door barely making a sound as it swings open, and sets her hex upon the Stag Lord, who is passed out on a crude bed among numerous empty bottles. He passes from a drunken stupor into an even deeper sleep, drooling all the while (3 rounds).


Not a second after Ellander slips through the door, Dovan, carrying a torch, rounds the corner from area Z9 to Z10 and sees the rest of your group up and about. "Well what do we have here? Thinking you could cheat the rest of us out of our share?" Beremor's sputtered insistences that you were on your way to relieve the night watchmen are unfortunately rather unconvincing, and Dovan draws his rapier with a wicked grin. "I'm going to enjoy making you suffer. Awake lads, there's killing to be done!"


I'll count that as the surprise round--everyone please roll initiative before we continue. Here's the map; icons with a purple circle next to them indicate characters that are just waking up. Also note that there is an upper level to the fort, consisting of a number of walkways and towers--if you've counted correctly, Auchs, Falgrim, and Jex are up there. The only light sources of note are a dying campfire in area Z5 and the torch Dovan is carrying.

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Result is a  16+2.  After getting the gag and some knots on the arms and legs he looks like he's coming out of it...


So she brains him in the back of the head  with the staff with a dull thud, whispering "I said stay down".   He looks like he's breathing, but that's a right pretty goosegg on the back of his head.

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19 (+3) Dovan

19 (+2) Alexi

17 Auchs

15 Vonthra (rolled by GM)

12 Ellandar

8 Beremor

7 Bandits

5 (+4) Stag Lord

5 (+1) Akiros

2 Aldrath


Dovan leaps into combat, assaulting Beremor with a rapier, shadows playing on the walls of the fort as the torch in his other hand swings wildly.

Rapier d20+6 = 16

Damage 1d6+3+2d6 = 13


Ellandar spends the round trussing up the Stag Lord (you can brain him next round as a coup de grace), while most of the bandits groggily stir awake from their sleep. I still need round 1 actions for Alexi, Vonthra, and Beremor (I'll GMPC Aldrath for now).

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