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[Pathfinder] Kingmaker Adventure Path


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5 hours ago, Vil-hatarn said:

The one to the east of Alexi (with the gold border) is Akiros. In case that matters :ph34r:

is Akiros the guy we met at the temple?  If so I guess I should let him live; for now.


So then Alexi will move to the north of Beremore and engage Dovan then instead.  That way our wizard can (hopefully) disengage.  I assume I'll be using the same rolls.

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Dovan turns aside at the last moment, Alexi's powerful strike passing inches from his face, but no amount of dodging can prevent his pummeling by Beremor's arcane projectiles. Vonthra steps forward alongside Alexi and before Dovan can recover deals him a powerful blow; his grim expression turns to surprise as he realizes you've wounded him. Aldrath calls upon Brigh and grants the party a blessing (+1 on attack rolls for the remainder of the encounter). Akiros stirs in the darkness of his quarters.


Round 2

Dovan assesses his odds and turns tail, shoving his way past the night watchman who just came down the stairs, giving Vonthra and Alexi an attack of opportunity.


The Stag Lord struggles semi-consciously for a moment before Ellandar brains him with her staff (you can roll coup damage--as a confirmed critical--either lethal or nonlethal, your choice).


Map's been updated, same link.


Vonthra waraxe d20+6=23

damage 1d10+3=9

Vonthra AoO d20+6=14

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Beremore books it for the owlbear cage door (one down and one left of the bottom of the z in z5) muttering strange words as he runs that fall silent when he reaches his destination to be replaced with a sudden roar of flames as a cone jets out from his outstretched hands to wash over the two bandits next to the wall. A manic grin upon his face. (burning hands 3/4/3 for 10 damage reflex for half)

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Kangaroorex, you're a round or two ahead of everyone else. Grats on single-handedly taking out the Stag Lord though.


Burning Hands Reflex saves d20+1=6, 10


The two bandits are incinerated along with their bedrolls. Alexi moves to join Beremor, blocking the path to the owlbear gate.


Vonthra marches forward to confront the approaching bandit, and cuts him down in a single efficient strike.

Vonthra waraxe d20+6=25

damage 1d10+3=11


The two remaining bandits throw themselves at Beremor with cries of fury (8 damage).

Bandit attacks d20+4 = 12, 23

Crit confirmation = 6

Bandit damage 1d6+1 = 2, 6


Auchs lumbers through the doorway to the upper level and roars wordlessly when he sees Dovan's corpse. You see no sign of Akiros. Aldrath readies his crossbow.


Start round 3 (second coup by Ellandar w/ failed save).

19 Alexi

17 Auchs

15 Vonthra

12 Ellandar

8 Beremor

7 Bandits

5 Akiros

2 Aldrath


Auchs crashes into Vonthra, wielding a large nail-studded club; the force behind the blow causes her armor to buckle (8 damage, 21 hp remaining)

Auchs attack d20+11=27

Damage 1d6+7=9

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Alexi efficiently cuts down another of the bandits. Vonthra calmly sidesteps Auchs next swing, and forces him back with her counterattack.


A piercing screech sounds from inside the owlbear pen, followed shortly by a thunderous impact. The gate bulges outward, splinters spraying Alexi from behind, before settling back into place. It doesn't seem likely it will hold for long.


Ellandar clobbers the restrained Stag Lord, who falls limp. Removing the stag helm, she is greeted by a horrifically scarred face and the stench of too much alcohol.


Alexi's defensive posture serves him well, the remaining bandit unable to draw close. In the shadows near the gate, you see another bandit--he appears to be removing the bar holding it shut, with some difficulty.


Aldrath rushes over to Beremor and calls upon the aid of Brigh to heal his wounds (2d8+3=10).


And start round 4!


Auchs attack d20+9=16

Vonthra attack d20+6=17

Vonthra damage 1d10+3=7

Owlbear initiative 12

Owlbear STR d20+4=17

Bandit attack d20+2=18

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