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Bones Hill giants WIP


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Keeping in mind that this is the opinion of a complete amateur...


They look too clean and perfect. Maybe this comes later but they need some character, scars, dirt, imperfections, grit.

Maybe they're the type of giant that soaks in underground mineral spas and never lets the sun touch their skin but my feeling for giants is that they're a bit more earthy, gritty, dirt, blood and hair under their fingernails. A bit of yesterday's Halfling roast between their teeth.


The best figs I've seen imply a story. I wonder how they got that scar, how did they lose that hand, what is that smeared over their legs.

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That is great. :-) it is my intention to dirty them up, I just need to get the highlights and whatnot done before I smear them with stuff. :-)

I have worked on them some more, and my plan is to start the character-adding stuff tomorrow. More pics then!

Thanks so much for the input, everyone!

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