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I "gave" this mini to my brother-in-law for Christmas two years ago.  I told him I'd paint it as soon as I could...

I just added the photos.


I wasn't planning on doing WIP, but it will be my first real delve into NMM, and I'm going to need help, as I don't have LTPK3.

My inspirations for the color scheme are from my brother-in-law: Favorite color is Red.




I'm basically done with the cloak except the fur.  It's shadowed with a mix of Splattered Gore and Brown Liner, and goes all the way up to Blood Red.  I tried to make his freehand gold trim line on the inside of the cloak look like a continuous "Omega" symbol, but it didn't work out that way.  I copied his "ankh-ish" symbol from his tabard/skirt, and freehanded one onto the cloak.  I like how that came out, but wish it could be higher toward the shoulders.


My other inspirations and what will help me with this are: Derek's Seelah http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/41709-60019-seelah-pathfinder-iconic-paladin/?p=586519


and Silvervane's WIP of LTPK3 which I followed and loved: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/58045-silvervane-paints-up-ltpk-3/?p=1002909




So I plan on doing nmm in small pieces.  The first is on his left leg, from the knee down.  Right now, you can see the model was primed white.  Then I did the cloak and face through the visor.  Then I did the base (walnut brown, brown liner, and the stone grey triad).


For the nmm, I'm planning Brown Liner, Shadowed Stone, Weathered Stone, Linen White, and Pure White.

I'm amazed how it looks almost there with just brown liner, Weathered Stone, and a line of Pure White.  No blending or other dark lines next to white added yet.  Just those three things.


As it progresses, I'll be asking for help with the NMM.

Thanks in advance!

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Looking forward to seeing your process with the NMM its something I struggle with too. I will offer what help I can but I am sure others will offer more help than I. ::):


So far I love the red and the freehand suits him quite well.

What she said.  Glad you liked the WIP. I found painting up the armor piece by piece a great learning tool.  Especially on learning how to blend the NMM.

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Yeah, that red REALLY stands out to me as being very good, looks very velvety and smooth. The freehand is nicely done too, a tiny bit of clean-up of it (see a few spots in the front where the gold looks like it went into the red) and it'd be fantastic.

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So here's an update.  I literally haven't touched this guy in 5-6 weeks.  This is the first painting I've done in that whole time.



What I've done since last time:
Tried to block in all of the armor plates in Weathered Stone.

It has taken 2-3 thinned coats so far, and needs at least 2 more.

I decided to base the whole thing, then go back plate by plate to re-define the lining and do the blending.  Otherwise, the tight spaces in this model are such that I'd ruin blending work when I dive into deep parts of the model.


I then put down some base coats on his armor details in Palomino Gold.

His fur cloak trim got some black wash to pick out the detail.  I think I'll go grey/white fur on that trim.

There is a skull under his right arm (not sure why all the BBEG's like to keep skull and bone trophies...) that got some Dirty Bone.

Finally, the sword blade is a few coats of Twilight Blue.  You can really see the coverage issues with the swordblade.


Blocking in all of the base coats helps me mentally with this guy. Otherwise, he kept staring at me as a daunting obstacle.  Now that he's pretty fleshed out, I can focus piece by piece.  The work for this current post took about 3 hours, due to the effort it took to preserve the brown lining, and multiple coats.


So, forumites, I need some advice.


1. My heart wants to put some green on this model to contrast with the red.  I have some moss and static grass I will put on the base, but I was toying with the idea of a green NMM sword.  Thoughts?


2. If I stay with the current sword, as a "blue Steel NMM" recipe, does it look dumb to have his armor and his sword as two different kinds of NMM?


3. Seeing what you see of this armor, should I be using brown liner for the stark dark part of the nmm transitions, or shadowed stone?


Less related...


4. I looked through the photo forum and did a search, and am having a hard time finding links to the nice inkjet photo backrounds some people use.  I'd rather not drop 10-15 bucks on a real cloth one, and could swear I've seen people write about ones they printed...


Thanks for any C&C and useful advice to these queries.

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Glad to see you back at his. I would actually keep with the recipe from Derek's Seelah thread.  Mostly of of this mind because you used brown liner to shadow the red and he uses it to shadow the NMM.  Green would be cool, but I would use it to enhance the piece, maybe in the runes of the sword.  But I'm still new at these color theory and NMM things.

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That open ankh symbol is sculpted on in the front on the tabard.

I've added it freehand on the cape, and I'm in the process of trying to add it to the knee pads.

It is a symbol of one of the Reaper Warlord factions, IIRC.

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