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77328: Cinder (White)


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Starting a WIP for my dragon Cinder


He's going to be a white dragon =P 


I'm basing him on a Secret Weapon base i got, that looks like it'd be a nice snowy scape. Plus, it is much more stable than the base Cynder came with (which I cut up and made into rocks on my Blightfang's base)




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White Dragon... Success! Move him over to show off! Lol, Sorry, couldn't resist Siri.


Good luck. Are you thinking blue-y white, or gray-y white?


What are the brick-like things in the base? Is it going to be a smashed igloo?


the brick things are broken rune stones =)


Ha! good one =P but he'll be a blue-white

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I'm definitely going to follow this, only to spur on my jealousy that some people already have their bones 2...


I think Cinder was one of the models that somehow managed to help me convince my wife to back Bones 2 before i found employment after college.


Cinder and Khanjira those two...

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I'm both excited about and dreading this thread. I have cinder enroute to me...so I will have a very high standard to compare mine too.


XD I'm glad you're confident, 'cause I'm not...I've never tried painting a white dragon before


normally i can't stand things to remain one solid color, so I'm probably going to be tempted to put in some variation into his scales, and it could go so badly....

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Try finding a picture of a polar bear, arctic fox and arctic hare for inspiration. They seem a uniform white...but they aren't. Between guard hairs, subtle colour shifts and dirt they have 3-4 shades of differing intensity. For example, most hares are brown mixed with the white, foxes grey and brown with the white and all of them get a yellow cast from dirt (and maybe other stuff too) on their bellies and legs.

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I was just thinking that would be a fun white dragon to paint! For this purpose I love Vallejo's metal medium, but Reaper's Pearl White is pretty good too. I'm looking forward to seeing this progress. ^_^


i do have Pearl White and i plan to use it quite a bit


I'm going to be working in a small area at first, to figure out what i want to do before tackling the entire dragon XD

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