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Sculpting Advice? Faces, details, anything really

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Made another attempt - This is a step back I think, a lateral move at best.  The symmetry of the face is off, and I couldn't get the expression of the lips to my satisfaction or blended in with the face.  As I have looked at the chibi miniatures I have from Arcadia Quest, I see that they have less pronounced features in the basic form so this was my attempt to more closely approach that style.  Another attempt later this week.  






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I would not say it is a step back. I think it is looking pretty good.  Your muzzle is much better, and the profile is very feminine.  One eye is a bit lower than the other, but not too off.  A couple of things:


1. Do the whole head, starting with a hardened blank about the size of this O or a bit bigger. Notice that I did my blank on the head of a finishing nail.  Finishing nail heads are just the right size for this blank and make good practice armatures.

2. Use a pointy tool to indent the corners of the mouth a bit. You can even use it to move them up or down for expression.

3. Eye definition, I'm not sure what you are going for here, so I am not sure how to advise on that.



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So I've been working apart from the faces recently a little bit at a time.  I wanted a chance to play around with the putty a bit more and just get a better feel for how it cured and acted so I've been working on the body of my mini.  Since my initial sculpt, I have redone all of the torso and legs and now have pants, the duster, abdomen, and hips much closer to how I would like them.  


 I am not happy with the smoothness of the model texture or the cleanness of any lines right now.  I think for this sculpt I can live with the texture of the pants, but I still want to smooth out the duster a bit further.  I think I will trim the cloth straps across the abdomen with a razor later tonight, but I don't like the overall appearance of the breastplate.  I have decided to make it into two halves (front and back) with straps visible on one side.  Closer to the neck will later be covered by the collar.  





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Another facial sculpt.  I think I'm going to try to keep this one.  I will have to "finish" it with adding eyes eyebrows and some touch-ups, but this one is the right size.  I will also "round out" the head (I didn't follow TaleSpinner's advice about doing the whole head at once, I will do this next time.    


While sculpting this one, I had a higher mix of sculpey in with the greenstuff and the mix had a lot less memory.  Towards the end, I had trouble discerning between rough spots, discoloration in the mix, and the blank coming through where I had pushed the eyes in.  




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