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77279: I painted a dragon!!!


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Thanks guys! Those wings were killer. Every time I would get the yellow like i liked it, it would get chalky, and I'd have to hit it with the red ink again. Oh well. Next time! I have 4 other dragons to work on!


Do you have reaper brush-on sealer?


If so, try adding a drop to your mix of those lighter pigmented colors, it will help with the chalkiness. Others also use flow improver instead of so much water to thin paints down, so if you have flow improver you could use it instead. The problem is that the glaze gets too watered down so the paint loses its binding properties. Another reason is if you are using a smaller brush and if your paint is starting to dry it'll rub over areas and leave clumps, so always make sure your brush has a big enough belly to hold a bit more paint. 

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