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Pingo tackles 77110: Deathsleet


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I tried painting some minis without WIPs and found myself having a hard time keeping track of what and how much I had done. So I'm back, although these may be sporadic and really slow to update. We'll see.

Anyhow, after painting a lot of tiny figures for the January Bones Beauty Pageant, I decided to move in the opposite direction and tackle some of the big figures from Bones I to clear out room for Bones II.

So I am painting dragons. Five of them, if you count the Frost Wyrm. Each one gets its own thread, though, since I don't know how I'm going to progress through them.

First up is Deathsleet, which I am thinking of painting in iridescent colors over a black underpainting. I was inspired by this beautiful version of Reaper's gryphon.

First, I primed the figure with Reaper's Brown Liner, which as has been discovered, makes a fantastic first layer on Bones figures (I am keeping the wings separate for ease of painting).

Then I painted the figure black.


The other dragons I'm painting concurrently are Ebonwrath, the Fire Dragon, the Shadow Dragon, and the Frost Wyrm.

Stay tuned.

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My title would have been, "Deathsleet tackles Adrift, and wins."






Will you get painting already?! Poor Siri is waiting on you and the Trebeard fans need your attention as well!



I'm actually at work, then I need to go pick up my wife from the airport, and then we go out to dinner. Probably won't paint tonight.  ::(:

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