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Pingo essays 77102: Ebonwrath


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I had a blue-black shadow mixed for some other stuff, so I added some to this dragon to shape up its shadows and sculpt its muscles.


The wings have settled into near-dead-flat, so I decided to paint them as if they were curved anyway as an illusion effect.  At the moment it's just shadows.






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I glued the wings on.



In this picture you can see the "wing ding" on the right where the wing bones look wobbly.



I used Golden Molding Paste to fill in the gaps.

post-8022-0-65356200-1428251117.jpg post-8022-0-68437200-1428251123.jpg


Then I probably should have waited for the paste to dry, but I glazed on some warm deep green mixed from Phthalo Green and Burnt Sienna to intensify the colors on Ebonwrath's body.

post-8022-0-83811900-1428251187.jpg post-8022-0-84616100-1428251182.jpg

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I touched up the molding paste around the wings to match the colors around it.



I probably made the dragon too dark and red at this point, but what ho, unto the breach.  I started to paint white highlights on the dragon with the hope that eventually they will look like gems.  At the moment I think they look like polka dots.


I console myself with the thought that if this messes up I can always do it again.  My fingers itch to go back in there with more and brighter greens.

post-8022-0-92027100-1428530150.jpg post-8022-0-31500500-1428530164.jpg


post-8022-0-46520900-1428530212.jpg post-8022-0-27252100-1428530229.jpg


post-8022-0-58751500-1428530234.jpg post-8022-0-68182600-1428530239.jpg



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I'm not exceptionally worried. This is the point in the process where you wave your magic wand, and the next post looks like a living dragon.

Well, maybe not the next post.


I'm beginning to feel like I'm painting in pointillism.  So many dots!


So, to brighten her up, I mixed a rather eye-hurting green from a mix of Phthalo Green, a little Hansa Yellow Opaque, and just enough Titanium White to make it milky.  This is my poor old mixing brush demonstrating the new color.



I dotted it in the deepest shadows and underside of the dragon.  Also the horns and washed transparently over the eyes.



Then I mixed a slightly paler, slightly warmer green by adding more Hansa Yellow and Titanium White, as well as a little Yellow Oxide and Burnt Sienna.  This I dotted all over, starting with the shadows under the wings.

post-8022-0-53895500-1428710432.jpg post-8022-0-69537300-1428710439.jpg


Here's the effect so far.

post-8022-0-66041400-1428710582.jpg post-8022-0-50378600-1428710588.jpg


From the top this dragon has a really beautiful shape.


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