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Pingo hurtles with 77109: Fire Dragon into the unknown


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that stuff looks infinitley supperior for our purposes than the liquitex molding paste I have. Next time I am in Michaels i will see about picking some up

I suspect Liquitex stuff is basically the same as Golden, so you might be disappointed.  Liquitex has 2 kinds: flexible and non-flexible.  I suspect the Golden molding paste is basically the same thing as the Liquitex flexible modeling paste.  I have both kinds of Liquitex, and they're not that much different.  The primary difference I've noticed is that you can layer the flexible kind thicker without is cracking while shrinking.

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I have to stop making time estimates; I'm always late.


Anyhow, I found my jar of Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste and did a side-by side comparison with Golden Molding Paste.


There will be pictures tomorrow, but the general gist is they are about the same. The Liquitex stuff has a bit of a toothy texture and the Golden is more glossy, but the differences are less pronounced when they are dry. They dry at about the same rate and act about the same when being sculpted. Further details tomorrow.

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Okay, here are pictures, such as they are.  Here's what I started with:



That's Liquitex flexible Modeling Paste and Golden Molding Paste, both made from marble dust and acrylic medium.


When wet the Liquitex paste has a slightly coarser, matte appearance and feels a little toothy.  In the jar the Golden paste is considerably glossier and a little softer.  This last may be because I used it recently and added a little water to the Golden jar.  The working feel is similar, and the visual differences lessened as the products dried.


I used a palette knife to spread some of each on a sheet of aluminum foil, playing around with shaping it at set time intervals.  It's Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste on the left, Golden Molding Paste on the right, and the pastes were worked fresh and at fifteen minutes, 45 minutes, 2 hours, and 4 hours.



Freshly applied (topmost) both pastes were a little soft to work with.  I shaped them a bit, but it was a little like working with whipped cream.  Sharp lines blurred.


After fifteen minutes (next down) the pastes were both still soft but a little more malleable.  Lines drawn in with a skewer stayed and were sharper.

post-8022-0-23488700-1427287870.jpg post-8022-0-19002800-1427287876.jpg


At 45 minutes (top areas of both photos below) both pastes were rubbery.  The tool could drag lines, but it was messy.


At 2 hours both pastes had dried enough that the tools could only dent it slightly (barely visible horizontal lines at the bottom of both photos).


By 4 hours both pastes were effectively dried, if still flexible.

post-8022-0-64450400-1427288305.jpg post-8022-0-19917700-1427288312.jpg


Drying times may vary depending on local temperature and humidity, but in similar conditions both of these products seem to work about the same.

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And now back to the dragon.


I mixed a sky blue out of Phthalo Blue and Titanium White.  First I painted its eyes a dark blue.



First I started thinking, where would the sky reflect if the dragon's skin were metallic.





This is the blue all over.





This is how it looks at tabletop range.


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I think the reflections are too blue.   I am currently looking out of my office window at a sunny clear blue day (sky is about that shade even) and the reflection in the glass of the various vehicles ends up being a duller greyish blue.   I think it would read as a reflection if you toned it down to be less vibrant.

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The issue for me I think is that it's not shifted by the tint of the metallics - it'd look fine on a sliver dragon, but I'd expect a gold / bronze dragon to shift the blue of the sky and desaturate it a little.  I think I'd take it down to a very lightly tinted blue silver for a sunlight look.

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