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Almost a dragon: Pingo paints 77183: Frost Wyrm


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I tried painting some minis without WIPs and found myself having a hard time keeping track of what and how much I had done. So I'm back, although these may be sporadic and really slow to update. We'll see.

Anyhow, after painting a lot of tiny figures for the January Bones Beauty Pageant, I decided to move in the opposite direction and tackle some of the big figures from Bones I to clear out room for Bones II.

So I am painting dragons. Five of them, if you count the Frost Wyrm. Each one gets its own thread, though, since I don't know how I'm going to progress through them.


The Frost Wyrm is pretty cool and I've been looking forward to painting it.  I see it as camouflaged in the rocky ice fields of the deep north, so I'm going to try that sort of a color scheme, whites and greys and blues and violets.


For the time being I have painted it up, first with a base coat of Reaper's Brown Liner, then some white and a little blue mixed from Phthalo Blue and Titanium White.  This is to help spot the pieces as well, since I have left some of it unglued for ease of painting.

post-8022-0-59538800-1425087615.jpg post-8022-0-80089400-1425087623.jpg


The other dragons I'm painting concurrently are Deathsleet, Ebonwrath, the Fire Dragon, and the Shadow Dragon.

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I started painting the snow on its base.


Left: First I painted some pure Titanium White over the eye-watering light blue I had washed over the snow the first painting session, leaving blue along the edges for undershadows.


Right:  The shadows are a translucent mix of Ultramarine Blue and Burnts Sienna with just a breath of Titanium white, wetly seeped along the edges of the creature's legs and body.  While the paint was still wet I added pure Titanium White to the middle of the snow, softening the edge into the shadow color.

post-8022-0-66463800-1425426114.jpg post-8022-0-09889700-1425426123.jpg

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Was working on some frost giants as well as the Frost Wyrm's snow.


I added some semi-transparent middle-range blues and violets mixed from Ultramarine Blue, Phthalocyanine Blue, Quinacridone Magenta, Red Iron Oxide, and Titanium White.



It's not terribly visible, but I took one of the darker, more transparent violets and essentially blacklined around where the creature's leg spikes touch the snow.  Then I took pure white and dappled on some lights.


Oh, and over on the left you can see I glued the last part of the head on.

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Still love the snow for the giants.


I wish I had painted the base of the Wyrm before assembly; would have been much easier than fighting with those legs on the top half. Looks like you're not having any trouble at all!

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So, without any particular plan in this aside from frosty colors, I painted the plates, or whatever they are on the creature with a watered-down white which let a bit of the under-color show through.



I mixed up a nice transparent violet from Phthalo Blue and Quinacridone Magenta and glazed it over the beard, then made it a little lighter and more opaque with an addition of white and painted the eyes and head armor.



I mixed even more white in to lighten it further and painted some highlights on, then added some white speckles in the eyes.


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I started painting the legs with a dirty white mixed from Titanium White and Burnt Umber.


This is the first pass, with a fairly translucent layer.  I'm leaving the tips of the spikes dark.  I may paint them and the joints with some color later.



This is the second pass, where I have also added some paler white highlights and painted a darker shade of Titanium White and Burnt Umber on the spine tips.


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I was using a subdued medium green in another context and had some left, so I washed it over some parts of the frost wyrm to give a little more nuance to all the blues and purples.


It's a complicated mix of Phthalo Green, Hansa Yellow Opaque, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Oxide, and Titanium White.  I put it on over parts that were already painted dark grey, and thinly, so the dark still shows through.


I often throw chromatic opposites or highly contrasting colors next to or under others.





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So I continued down the path of painting the Frost Wyrm like a circus clown, then I turned it all around with a little white.


As the final act of bright coloration, I painted its joints a red-violet mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Quinacridone Magenta.



And then I started scumbling on pure Titanium White.  First it was full-strength paint, but very little of it, on a fuzzy brush fuzzily applied along the center of the creature's back and upper surfaces.  Then more thinned-down paint, but again very little, on the head, legs, belly and frills.

post-8022-0-32231800-1429096274.jpg post-8022-0-23082600-1429096284.jpg




Then I glued the model together and started seriously frosting it over the colors with pure Titanium White.

post-8022-0-17346400-1429096370.jpg post-8022-0-74187800-1429096425.jpg




Still yet more white, and here's where it is at the moment.

post-8022-0-31011800-1429096485.jpg post-8022-0-03974400-1429096472.jpg


post-8022-0-26443400-1429096478.jpg post-8022-0-54820100-1429096491.jpg

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