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Pathfinder pcs (and enemies)

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I've been working on my set of bones I (and now bones II).

First up are the PCs in my Pathfinder group.  I painted them up for each player- the ninja in the back is from another manufacturer. 77076 is a new PC- that only lasted for 3 sessions before dying (again).  The player has killed her PC 3x in dramatic ways.



Next up I have a slew of Skull and Shackles villains: 



From the new bones, it's Mr. Bones IIpost-8340-0-75124200-1425094325_thumb.jpg

The rest are all works in progress.

The cultists and hellknights:

I still have the others (and one metal one) to paint up- I'm still trying to figure out what kind of theme (and how to paint black armor better!).


Sea devils and wereshark: post-8340-0-90125500-1425094338_thumb.jpg


Finally some devils to complete the campaign: post-8340-0-02067200-1425094362_thumb.jpg

They're currently level 11 and starting book 4 of the Skull and Shackles path- we've been meeting biweekly for about 8 months.

Feedback, suggestions, etc are very welcome. Thanks for looking.

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That's a nice assortment of characters and antagonists.


I like your soft and harmonious color combinations. For example, the cloaked elf in brown and pale blue -- not an obvious combination and well handled. That burning dog really looks like it's smoldering.


You might want to turn some attention to your bases. I noted a number that were still unpainted white Bones. I say this as someone who does not base.

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Thanks Pingo! Bases are the last step - so the bulk of minis here are yet 'unfinished.'  

The PCs have either the wooden stamped clay (or epoxy) from Happy Seppeku, or cork.  I'm sad that the sea priest's fake water collapsed- it was thin layers originally. It looked like waves splashing over a rock in the water- but a few months of traveling back and forth to game night has squished the layers down to a white, fake water blob. 

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