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And now for a more whimsical piece.  When the traveling box of sir Forscale came to me, Froggy the great had been there before me and left a few magical treasures.  Among these were a bunch of created Frogmen (in the very literal sense) in high tech suits sporting these sci-fi weapons (modified clubs but none less)  a great conversion, but where to use them?  Then I got my bones 2 and the answer presented itself. 


The tribal society of the treefrogs has been shaken by war and invasion from the modern race of warfrogs.  battle rages on turning swamp into disaster area over and over.  Finally ground troops march to push the savages back into the dry land where they belong.  But lo! a hero arises (we know he's a hero because he has a white cowboy hat)  the Mystical shaman Croak with his acolytes hops to meet with the invaders and put a stop to the violence.  They meet for the first time on the tatters of a once beautiful swamp, now rendered a wasteland by constant bombing.


The base is a complete cast of the "balls of Steel" mold from Basius 1.  it prints really well although it helps to preload the balls with extra molding compound or they come out sort of flat on top.  the muck was supposed to be clear water but apparently "clear" aluminite resin has an expiration that they don't tell you about and it went white, so it was either redo the mold or go with it.  I may do some more blending but I like the effect.


Anyway, hope you like it.  I see there is need for a few touch ups on the base after taking the picture...









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