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[60095] Merisiel, Reaper Miniatures

Patrik Strom

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Thanks! I've been trying on taking closer pictures (because then I don't have to crop the photo and it keeps the ratio when I resize it), but the photo's tend to loose focus if I get closer. I'll try again with the next one, unless it's a dwarf mini from Red Box Games. Those are hard enough to get focus on with out moving close :)

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Nice reds.


If you want very close shots, you need to do one of two things:


1) use the macro setting if your camera has one (most digital cameras represent this with an icon shaped like a flower), or

2) take a shot from farther back, ensuring your camera is focused on the part you want to see up close, then crop the resulting photo.


The shutterbug forum should have some decent talks about either option.

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