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So last year I moved all my ancient paints into dropper bottles, as it seems a good idea (still does). Then I bought some ball bearing-balls to use as agitators to give the paints a good stir when shaking, as some of them had a tendency to …sediment.

And yesterday I noticed a ball.shaped discolouration in some of the bottles….argh. The ball bearings have rusted! So much for prolonging the life of the paint…

(The rust does not seem to affect the paint, apart from a slight discolouring in the lighter ones. But I expect it will get worse if I do not do something with it)

I must confess I did not see that coming. The ball bearings were supposed to be “stainless steelâ€â€¦ it seems not. Or maybe stainless steel is not that stainless.

But anyway. Does anybody here have any experience with this? What to use as agitators, and that will not react with the paint?,

The paints really do seem to need something.

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Never trust the "stainless steel" label, same thing happened to me. 


Better use stuff you know will not react bad to metal. Leftover metal sprue, hematite or glass beads (from the bead section in your craft store) are all popular choices.


I also recall a recent conversation about this here but my forum-search is failing me.

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I was pretty sure that it was glass beads that are in RMS paints, although I've heard a lot of people love hematite.  I already had appropriately sized glass beads so that's what I use.  Haven't had any problems so far, and I started tossing them into some of my Vallejo paints 8+ years or so ago. 


I believe for stainless steel there are varying grades of it, some are more truly stainless than others. 

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