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Wow, I really sucked last month, badly. Didn't finish any of these, got started on a few. I also have some new stuff to add to the list... I better get cracking!

  • Finish Cattie-Brie for my Companions Diorama and finish the big base, send out to my brother... over 2 months late, but better late than never.
  • Paint up vignette for my Spring Exchange partner - new
  • Paint up Clio from the Stephanie Law DSM KS - for fun
  • Paint up Tradkarl and Urrl from the RBG KS 5 - for fun
  • Paint up a super secret project for a forum friend - this won't be shown on the forums until AFTER they receive it.
  • Start working on the 3 figures for the Space Dragon Diorama ReaperCon team entry.
  • Start working on figures for my personal ReaperCon entry.

Fail  :down:

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From last month:

Finish the 3 dwarves from last month.

Paint my Pathfinder Red Dragon (he's base-coated).  WIP started.  WIP abandoned.  Almost done with him.  He's getting really close. Looking forward to this one being done.



Painted a few models.  Vanguard was finished in March.  Pics eventually. 

Hunter 50%

Madrak Ironhide sitting at 30% done.  Tartan figured out... at least how I am going to paint it. 



Photo for the Corvus WiP

Base coated all the gnolls.  Test model is done, and I'm happy with it.

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Finish The Grudge for Reaper Con.

Tweak my Mage from Dark Sword for Reaper Con (not much left I can tweak with her already based).

Finish Thing from Knight Models for Reaper Con.

Maybe start another mini, perhaps Red Box, for Reaper Con.

Post 4 entries to my Painting Blog (first one hopefully up tonight or tomorrow).

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Don't feel bad Ub3r, I was terrible last month as well. With that in mind I am going to post a somewhat less lofty goal, and if time permits I will exceed that and be all like "booyah, look at me!" instead of doing the walk of shame. :down:


Paint (and probably base) this http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/gnome/sku-down/03433 and also paint this http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/ice%20dragon%20hatchling/sku-down/03691 for my co-worker's son.  Yay!  Finished both of these, and did a bit of snow effects for the first time.


Make progress on husband's Bloodbowl team - hopefully finish 4 or more.  A good deal of progress was made.  I'm not quite done but very close. I tried for the first time to paint 4 minis simultaneously I have 4 at the same stage of "almost."  Maybe two more evenings of solid work and they'll be done.  Since they are four of the same position on the team I did all the red for the 4, moved to the next color etc.

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2 mini I am practicing my blending on to do better on the below list.


4 minis I need to finish for other people before Reapercon.


2 minis for the exchange, best one will be sent.


4-6 minis as entries for Reapercon.


This list will be my for April too.

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February was awful...I didn't get any weekend time to myself until about 8pm on the 28th.


March goals:

- CAVs primed

- Warlord Pirate primed

- Put some paint on something that's primed.

- Take an inventory of Bones II.

- Take a full inventory of open blisters / assembled figures / primed figures.

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Hmm, I should be getting Bones, extra minis and additional paint stuffs on Wednesday.  Yay for having more than just the LTPK colors.  In that vein...


1. Inventory Bones

2. Practice some of this blending stuff (wow, who knew?) once I have paint and some large, semi-expendable minis.

3. Steal someone else's painting ability.

4. Have at least one passable (not 5 year old, solid block colored) mini posted to Show Off.

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Last month kinda sucked for me also. This month will be challenging because I lose two Saturdays that I could spend painting.

But here are my goals for this month:

  •  Start my figure for the Spring exchange
  •  Start a big stompy robot for Mars Attacks
  •  Finish two Mars Attacks Martians and two Humans
  •  Finish three character minis for the game Imperial Assault
  •  Paint one more shield agent

And that is pretty much it.



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