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Pathfinder Iconics in Warlord


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I made Datasheets for the Iconics from pathfinder and would like some external advice on their balance.

Would someone be interested in helping me ?






Here is a link to the Datasheets, most of them are based on altered existing ones.

All artwork is copyright Paizo.


The Adventurer SA allows you to field adventurers in a leader less troop (4-6) like the Band SA but with fellow adventurers.

You can have only one Band of Adventurers in your Army.


The Dual-Casting SA allows the Model to cast two spells in a single casting action but she must still respect her maximum SP / turn. 

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This is glorious. I don't know when I'll get to it, but these will definitely get some play testing mixed into other armies or other silliness on the table.


I've more than once considered the RAGE mechanic would make a good way to throw mass combat into pfrpg/3.5 better than any of the mechanics designed for it. So this is neat.

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