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Great work.  Good to see you posting again. 


I love when people work from real-life models for colors. This coloration really brings out the movement of the sculpt.

I agree wholeheartedly.  This is one of those figures that just screeches at you (well, me at least) don't you dare give a generic coloring.  Glad to see you didn't Grim.

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Thanks for the comments everyone!  If you want a little of the messy details of creation, including an interesting story, I'll go into a few of them here:


The white is Vallejo's Dark Sand with highlights of Linen White and Pure White.  Mostly drybrushed because, well, feathers.  I used a more brown/yellow as the shade color after my experience with the Snowy Owlbear - a blue/grey shade looks neat, but pretty unnatural.  The black is Walnut brown, drybrushed with Dark Sand and Linen White, then washed with black ink and sometimes a little more drybrushing.


I initially painted the beak and claws Sun Yellow but they provided very little contrast with the white since the white had yellow/brown values.  I then mixed in some Lava Orange to get a sort of a light orange and used that - it looked more natural that way and allowed me to use the Sun Yellow as a highlight.  I'm particularly happy with the talons.

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    • By R2ED
      Done!  Finally based one and finished all the way through. 

    • By R2ED
      Oh, man!  This one I'm really happy with.  I watched yet another video where someone did a griffon nearly all dry brushed and thought since I had problems doing wings a while back, I could try it.  I did and am shocked with the results!

      *  Using a tri-color system to lighten things up strategically picking out colors ahead and setting them aside.  
      *  Sticking to a plan helped address speed and order of operations.
      *  Using new dry brush make-up brush has SIGNIFICANTLY increased my ability with the method.  I'd sucked at dry brushing - could be due to either pressure or paint application, but either way it worked awesome this time.  
      *  No washes.  
      *  No inks.
      *  Really only used a 2nd brush to hit the highlights on beak, eyes, and claws.  
      *  Finally got to utilize a reference book I snagged for cheap at B&N for birds.  
      *  @Darcstaar I also utilized your method for claws after you mentioned it.  I LOVE IT!  Thank you for the combo.
      *  I somewhat botched one of the eyes - the left.  It's not perfectly centered in the yellow circle.  I was also having a hard time thinking how far I should push the yellow.  Not super noticiable, but I know it's there.
      *  White/fur/feather area near the head feels a little off, but I can't quite put my finger on it.  I am still happy with the results, but something in that transition seems off.
      *  The fur on the lion body was originally higher volume in cream color, but I dialed it back.  I think a much lighter color would do it good to help bring some brighter contrast in, but I chickened out before touching it up because I liked the work as it was.  Wimped out.
      *  the bottom of the body is still darkly shaded due to how the dry brushing worked out, but I think it's still okay?  Ish.
      *  I'm also panicked about doing the base because this easily just became one of my favorite pieces.  I've got the basing materials setting up right now and drying -so I hope in the next few hours I get to post this in completed works and it looks rad!  
      Always open to feedback and love hearing it.  As I mentioned, I use the comments to the fullest to make the most of my next one.  

    • By wickedshifty
      My work on the griffon from bones 4 

    • By GodOfCheese
      I was painting with a bunch of kids, and one of them said "I'll bet you can't finish that bird guy before lunchtime!"
      I present to you: the bird guy before lunch time.

    • By Dae
      I planned to go for the coloring suggestion on the box, except with brighter feathers. After base coat and a wash it seemed to turn rather plain. I keep the underside this way, while for the top side of the wings I started adding some variation to the feathers, gradually daring to add more detail and contrast. Took a while to get there, but in the end I was happy and called it finished. I even took a fun picture with it:

      But now that I'm a few minis wiser, I demoted him from finished to lacking base. And this is where I am stuck now. 
      I had this plan of making a sandstone cliff looking base. I positioned him and started building up terrain, working carefully not to damage the finished mini. I colored some stones of various sizes in a few colors so I don't need to paint as much around the mini and I started to glue my rocks carefully around the base. 

      I kept working on it for hours thinking I am getting somewhere, but once I took a break and looked at it again from all sides... I stand by my rocks, I think in a few steps they'll look great, but the scene makes no sense. These are not cliffs, more like a stone quarry, what would a griffon be doing there? - that's too specific and unlikely.
      Time to "delete" this somehow and start over... Wish me luck!
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