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77157: Griffon

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I love when people work from real-life models for colors. This coloration really brings out the movement of the sculpt.

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Great work.  Good to see you posting again. 


I love when people work from real-life models for colors. This coloration really brings out the movement of the sculpt.

I agree wholeheartedly.  This is one of those figures that just screeches at you (well, me at least) don't you dare give a generic coloring.  Glad to see you didn't Grim.

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Thanks for the comments everyone!  If you want a little of the messy details of creation, including an interesting story, I'll go into a few of them here:


The white is Vallejo's Dark Sand with highlights of Linen White and Pure White.  Mostly drybrushed because, well, feathers.  I used a more brown/yellow as the shade color after my experience with the Snowy Owlbear - a blue/grey shade looks neat, but pretty unnatural.  The black is Walnut brown, drybrushed with Dark Sand and Linen White, then washed with black ink and sometimes a little more drybrushing.


I initially painted the beak and claws Sun Yellow but they provided very little contrast with the white since the white had yellow/brown values.  I then mixed in some Lava Orange to get a sort of a light orange and used that - it looked more natural that way and allowed me to use the Sun Yellow as a highlight.  I'm particularly happy with the talons.

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That's lovely! I like the griffon model a lot, and your colors are excellent. Like Pingo said, it really brings out the movement in the sculpt. It feels very alive.  

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    • By Dae
      I planned to go for the coloring suggestion on the box, except with brighter feathers. After base coat and a wash it seemed to turn rather plain. I keep the underside this way, while for the top side of the wings I started adding some variation to the feathers, gradually daring to add more detail and contrast. Took a while to get there, but in the end I was happy and called it finished. I even took a fun picture with it:

      But now that I'm a few minis wiser, I demoted him from finished to lacking base. And this is where I am stuck now. 
      I had this plan of making a sandstone cliff looking base. I positioned him and started building up terrain, working carefully not to damage the finished mini. I colored some stones of various sizes in a few colors so I don't need to paint as much around the mini and I started to glue my rocks carefully around the base. 

      I kept working on it for hours thinking I am getting somewhere, but once I took a break and looked at it again from all sides... I stand by my rocks, I think in a few steps they'll look great, but the scene makes no sense. These are not cliffs, more like a stone quarry, what would a griffon be doing there? - that's too specific and unlikely.
      Time to "delete" this somehow and start over... Wish me luck!
    • By EbonStorms
      As I continue to learn airbrushing, I've been experimenting with some larger minis.
      This Bones Griffin was one of the minis I sent in the Summer Mini Exchange.  Everything except for the eyes, beak, and claws used the airbrush.  Even the wash was sprayed on using the airbrush which took a couple of tries to get he mix right.

      I've had this metal Huge Spider sitting around for many years so I finally decided to give it a go.  In hindsight, I wish I would have painted the parts first then put it together.  I only used a traditional brush on the eyes.

      Lastly is Cadirith the Demonic Colossal Spider.  And this ting is truly Colossal.  It's base is about the same size as a CD (remember those).
      Again, I really wish I would have painted it before I put it together.  Airbrishing around the legs all assembled was a nightmare and I think I would have done more striping if it was pre-assembled.  I used a traditional brush on the eyes, bones, and spikes.

    • By ryc03
      A practice piece to get my painting mood back before the BONES 3 items arrive next month. So far I have only painted 5-6 ish miniatures, and have been staying with creatures mostly (no particular reason other than thinking that they are probably easier to get a satisfying result)
      The head was done in light grey primer followed by white dry-brush and a light brown wash, but the white paint was too wet and the grey completely disappeared. the light brown wash only partially salvaged it.
      But at least it get me back into the mood to painting. Next is an anime girl resin kit. Don't ask.





    • By Pragma
      After a number of months, and a few hiatuses (hiati?) I finally finished the largest mini project I have yet undertaken. It's a depiction of my Pathfinder character, the halfling druid Witten Greenwood, riding his faithful mount Storm. The gryphon itself is inspired by a combination of a peregrine falcon and an ocelot; I wanted a small, fast creature and the patterns and colors of the two creatures wound up blending very well together. It was my first time converting something on this scale: I sculpted the saddle out of clay and putty, as well as the stump on the base. The rider is removable, so I will probably make a separate base for him at some point. Also this was my first time basing using things found in nature: pieces of bark and little acorns for the mushrooms. I'm very proud of how it all turned out!


      Lots of progress pics and discussion in my WIP thread. Please share your comments and critiques!
    • By Sieutom
      Hello all,
      Probably one of the first bones mini i bought (it came in a kickstarter lot) and one I was longing to paint. Job done, in a kinda dark theme but overall happy about the result. Let me know what you guys think!

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