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    • By Restless
      This is Thrasios, a triton ranger and one of the players in my D&D 5e Theros campaign. I built this mini in Hero Forge according to the player's description and added my own touches to it. For example, I was inspired by the neon tetra fish in painting the skin and I used Greek hoplite reference pictures to paint the armor.

    • By ced1106
      I picked up 3x 50-coin sets from them last KS for $8 each and paid $11 shipping + $3 tracking to USA. The coins had a good heft, but lacked inking seen on most other coins. The back of the copper piece, then, was pretty much unrecognizable. I doubt players will notice while playing, though, and the fronts and colors of the coins are distinguishable, which is more important. I figure if you don't have these sorts of coins, they're a good price, but check prices elsewhere. I'm still not sure if I'll be backing this, but many of the components have been made (see the comments, which are currently under 25) and there are now pictures of them (albeit professional photographs; in the previous KS, most pics were renders).
      Dragon's Lair ($75) is probably the "sweet spot" for this campaign, as you get most of the components, then can purchase add-ons (about $10) for a complete set. The creator has said backers are limited to one pledge level.
      Heart (and, fyi, gem) acrylic pieces are available online from Amazon at much cheaper prices than hobby sellers. 
      The metal player tokens, at $3.50 each, are expensive for tokens, but about the same price as unpainted miniatures. There will be a $17 add-on for all six tokens.
      The creators have run multiple KS, including a previous one for some of these components.



    • By lazarp
      Painted a bunch of Lannisters this week including both soldiers and charactera. Tyrion's sculpt has surprisingly great face and was interesting to paint overall :) 
      (click on images for better quality)

    • By lazarp
      I don't really like this sculpt, they've cut corners too much for my taste, but as I painted Drizzt it grew on me. Has some kind of charm and I like it now  hope you will too!
      (click on the image for better quality)

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