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Bear Riders of Awesome! 77074 Dain Deepaxe and 77072 Orc Maurader- very converted


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Is that Dain Deepaxes shield?



Those are gorgeous.


Nice spot check you've got there.  I ought to name them both.


- That's actually (77074) Dain Deepaxe underneath there.  He's had a hand/weapon swap, and a head cut off and re-sculpt, and since he was a dwarf with a huge beard, I had to re-do his breastplate as well.  I cut between his legs to allow room for the saddle, and did a little re-sculpting there, but Dain is under there (somewhere).


- The other one is 77042 Orc Maurader.  He was re-posed a bit as well (cut the chainmail from under his legs, cut both arms and the weapons out of them, and replaced one with a grenade.  I sculpted the mask right over the orc head, and the armor/cloth over the top of all of the flesh on him.


So, in conclusion I'd like to say that Bones minis convert very easily, and work well with greenstuff.  And since I have a ton of Bones minis (from both Kickstarters) I shall seldom want for a character and not be able to just make him out of what I've got.

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