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These are being done by on of the folks I know from Dakkadakka and look pretty cool for those if us who like to bling up our games


now live on KS https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1388589874/modcube-part-tokens-part-dice-fully-modular






the ModCube is a gaming aid which enables you to keep 6 common gaming tokens on a single cube, and quickly rotate between these tokens. Token designs are made to be compatible with the most popular sci-fi wargames, starting with Dogfight and Vehicle Damage cubes (note the cubes shown are 3d printed prototypes)

You can see a few more on the website and facebook page:


Molding of the ModCube is being done in China, with first production samples expected in April. All lasercut acrylic panels will be produced in the USA, enabling us to quickly put out new releases as games update and change!

RiTides will be showing off the ModCube at AdeptiCon with the help of a few other members of Dakka. Come and check out the booth if you are attending, He will also be unveiling one more new ModCube design before AdeptiCon - a cube compatible with Infinity!

active comments are ongoing at http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/638434.page

a closer look at the 2 colour acrylic use to make the individual panels

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Top Posters In This Topic

They are from the Troll Forged Miniatures Assimilation Alien Host Kickstarter


this has delivered to some but not all backers (although I've no doubt we'll get the stuff eventually) so is not on general sale yet


(RiTides used them as counts as Tyranids for 40K tournament at the Gencon before last)

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I can't say that I like having all that irrelevant information in full view on the other cube sides.  It makes the table look way more cluttered than it really is.  I'd much rather have a small chit on the table.


But I can definitely see myself using something like this for custom dice.

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First stretch goal is unlocked - Green and Blue ModCubes!!

We have reached (and gone beyond!) the first stretch goal, so the green and blue ModCube colors are unlocked!

Here are two images to hopefully give you a very good idea of what these colors will look like. The green is the leftmost "Pantone 355C", and the blue is the leftmost "Pantone 653C":


Here also are two parts, made by the same manufacturer who is producing the cubes, using these exact same color formulations:


Let me know what you think of the colors =)

Our next stretch goal is $21,000 - a token set compatible with Malifaux! I will also be sending out a survey in the next update (tomorrow) to see what colors and what new set people would like to see next.

Thank you again for your fantastic support!

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Double stretch goal unlock, pics of 2 new sets!


We made fantastic progress over the weekend, and unlocked the next stretch goal before I could even reveal the poll results! So, I'll both show the new unlocked sets, then the poll results at the bottom =). Here's the two stretch goals we just unlocked:

  • $21,000 - Token set compatible with Malifaux - UNLOCKED!
  • $22,500 - Game Creator set, plus a new red color - UNLOCKED!

And some pics below! Note that both of these have just been finished, and if you have feedback on any of the token designs (or ratios in the set) we'd love to hear it!

7fe8b50498d8448f90ff0f4e4203b653_originaToken set compatible with Malifaux

Important note! There will be the option to select just a "Poison and Burning set" compatible with Malifaux in the poll, since these can get numbered so high and quite a few people requested it. We'll try to get up some pictures of that later! The base set will include enough tokens for two "poison cubes" (1 - 6) and one "burning cube" (1 - 6). If you run a gang that uses tons of poison, you may want to get the dedicated set for it.

55f8d849459829dd0c0e451e1ee2decd_originaGame Creator Set

In the Game Creator Set, there are six images numbered 1 - 6 with circles, and six images numbered 1 - 6 with diamonds. The final two images have question marks instead of a number inside their corner symbols (the corner symbols may be moved in just slightly from these pics). This way, you could assign values to these various images, and also use them as numbers or "suits". Let us know what you think!

Finally, here's the unlocked color that goes along with the Game Creator Set stretch goal we achieved - it's the red on the left of the image, Pantone 185C. Below it are the poll results showing how Red won by a landslide!

3006369e281aa55208ffac2d85eb45cf_originaRed color option for the ModCubes
879ec8c85816677e1da4150c03908db6_originaModCube stretch goal poll results

 As you can see, the Game Creator Set ran away with the poll, so we were able to get started on it as this became clear very early! Our next two stretch goals are now locked in as:

  • $24,000 - Token set compatible with SW: Armada, plus military green ModCubes!
  • $25,500 - SciFi Mysterious Objective token set, plus grey ModCubes!

We'll also be going with a lighter blue based on the last image from the poll (the pie chart). Thanks for your amazing support, and if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to post in the comments below or send us a private message.

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ModCube Spoof Video from the Chilling Wargamers in the UK!


Check out this hilarious ModCube spoof video from the Chilling Wargamers in the UK!



Suffice to say, we had no idea they'd be doing this when we sent them a sample, but it is pretty hilarious =D. The first scene with the tank is one that looks all too familiar, too!

We're hard at work adjusting the Game Creator set based on feedback, and have a whole series of reveals coming this week and next - new token colors, a "rolling" test with the second set of samples from the injection mold, and of course our next two stretch goals for sets compatible with SW Armada and SciFi Mysterious Objectives. Stay tuned!!

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Updated Game Creator Set, Metallic Tokens, and an Interview!


Here is the updated Game Creator set based on all the feedback we've received - we turned this around in 48 hours! Oh, and we took this opportunity to try out a new token material, metallic coating on blue =). You can also choose black, red, or yellow tokens:

f11cfab85aa7070682dcf374acb1fa8c_originaGame Creator Set with Metallic-Blue Tokens! Or choose Black / Red / Yellow Tokens

There will also be half tokens for each of the symbols (along with all the numbers from 1 - 6, of course!) so that you can have even more options!

Finally, here is a more serious interview with the Chilling Wargamers where I discuss all things ModCube for 30 minutes:


We're entering the middle stretch of the campaign, so please help get the word out and share it with your friends / on forums you frequent if you can =). I could particularly use help reaching out to board gaming groups with this and tomorrow's update, where I'll be posting a "rolling test" of the latest production sample cubes and showing how well they stay together when used as custom dice in the Game Creator set. This has been by far the most requested set, and I hope that this version will be just what people were looking for. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Until next time, keep on modding!

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May 18 2015

Mysterious Objective ModCubes - 40K Compatible


Here's another update that is best starting off with a picture =)

ca8622e807b7107096dafda9b587b87c_originaMysterious Objective ModCubes
236c5d4f17d73370d78a3372f83570eb_originaMysterious Objective ModCubes

The details! This will be a ModCube set you can choose with any pledge, although it will come with slightly fewer cubes since it has the addition of the acrylic bases. Final contents are still being worked out, but they are likely:

  • 6 cubes + the Kickstarter / convention exclusive bonus cube of any color
  • 6 acrylic bases 1.5" in size with a cutout for the cubes to rest in
  • 56 - acrylic tokens (36 mysterious objective tokens, 6 alternate faces that just say "Objective" that you could use instead of "Nothing", 6 tokens compatible with The Scourging, and 8 extras to use in the bonus cube.

Also note that because this set must be matched between the opaque tokens and the translucent bases, there will be more limited color options for the token colors - likely red, blue, and green.

We could use suggestions on what people might like for the 8 tokens intended for the bonus cube in this set - we're thinking either basic numbers (for a turn counter), numbers with a warlord symbol (for warlord traits), or numbered wound counters. Let us know which you would prefer!

Please share this with any 40k groups that you are active on, as this has been highly requested by those players. Cheers =)

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May 25 2015
All 12 ModCube colors revealed! Plus Rainbow Set unlocked
0db2aae4b806a93046392c9692b2d4a6_originaAll 12 ModCube Colors!

You also can now select a "Rainbow Set" of cubes - one cube each of Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Purple, Red, Orange, and Yellow! With your choice of your final "bonus" cube =)

These are painted except for the black, purple, and orange colors, and the final injection molded cube colors will actually be slightly more vibrant than these painted samples. Here they are with the Pantone swatches showing the exact color that the factory will be matching:

4e99a964b0ee859ad5e10c9560098758_originaAll 12 ModCube Colors With Pantone Swatches!

 And one final view showing them all together:

aad1cc3328d78053e8ff8e68599364fd_originaAll 12 ModCube Colors With Pantone Swatches!

The orange and black will remain the same as in this intial batch, so the orange is a good one to look at to see how the swatch compares to an injection molded final sample. The purple swatch chosen is slightly darker than the initial test cube, and the burgundy chosen is much darker than the initial test (see the painted cube in the top right of the pictures above).

Before sending out the survey we will post pictures of each available token color in the different cubes - not all token colors may be offered with all cube colors if they do not match well (on the lightly colored cubes, the black tokens look by far the best, whereas on the darker cubes a lighter token color can be used).

Finally, we're approaching our last listed stretch goal, so the next one is below, and it's a freebie!

  •  $30,000 - Free lanyards for the ModCube Tool included in every set! Will receive multiples for each set you're pledged towards.

The Warmachine / Hordes compatible set, along with a list of the remaining stretch goal sets, will be shown tomorrow!

Finally, a happy Memorial Day to our US backers and any who celebrate it, may we all remember those who have been injured or killed fighting for their country today. There was a national service last night and seeing "the greatest generation" (WWII vets) on stage was really moving. Enjoy grilling if you're able, too =)

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Jun 4 2015
SciFi Crates set revealed! New stretch goal, approaching final 24 hours

Wow, we've already rocketed past the SciFi Crates stretch goal! Here is a preview of the what that set will look like, along with some models for scale:

5dc5b15af4888ce667aa336b35b0f637_originaSciFi Crates set unlocked!
4bc8ba7f643f384501f51471faf17c1e_originaSciFi Crates set unlocked!

There will be more options for this set, this is just a taste! Also, would people like to have the set come in multiple colors as shown, or just pick a single color from these options to have their set made in?

We've been getting a fantastic boost as we approach the final day, so keep spreading the word! A stretch goal has been added for a set compatible with Mantic's Deadzone at $44,000, and we might be able to squeeze in one last stretch after that if time allows!

Until next time, keep on modding!





Last call on this one, 14 hours to go

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      Minifigs did not issue any specific Lakemen, nor, for that matter, any specific Rohirrim on foot.  For the Five Armies-era humans, I'll have to reach into the historical and use some figures from their NS (Norman/Saxon) range with round shields.  I've got about three dozen available with which to work.  They should also serve as dismounted Rohirrim when needed.

      Beorn and Gandalf are also available, and a token eagle...

      To continue with the good guys, there were two catalog numbers of actual mounted Rohirrim.  I have two completed so far, and about 22 available, including a few Later Romans or similar Dark Ages figures which blend well.  A few spare horses remain to be found.

      The Gondorians were represented by five different figures, a citadel guardsman, two rangers of Ithilien, a spearman, a swordsman, and a foot knight.  I've got at least a dozen of each, plus a total of two dozen of ME53 and 54, Rangers of the North.
      The Dark Lord's forces can be lead by the imposing squadron of flying Nazgul, of which I have four:

      I have 18 wargs (plus a few already finished), but only two of the goblin riders:

      Large orcs came in three poses, with sword, axe or spear.  I've got about 85 to be done:

      Smaller orcs came in four poses, a bowman, a swordsman without shield, a swordsman with shield, and a well equipped armored goblin with shield, spear and bow.  Of that latter, I've only got a handful, all completed.  Of the first three, I've got about seventy from a recent purchase:

      There is also one pose of little goblins.  I finished a few of them last month.  I've got more, but they are sitting in paint stripper at the moment.

      Sauron's human allies were represented by four poses of figures; there was a Haradrim spearman and a mounted lancer, of which I've got about 30 and 5 respectively:

      There was also a Southern spearman and a mounted swordsman.  I only have a token 3 of the spearmen, so they won't be a unit on their own, but I do have nine of the mounted swordsmen, so they can be.

      Last, I have a hobbit militia of about a dozen, plus a couple of mounted hobbits.  The foot hobbits came in strips of three, and one strip is much easier to find than the other...

      My basic plan is going to be to play these with Dragon Rampant, which generally uses units of six mounted or twelve foot figures, with provision for heroes and large monsters as exceptions.  However, some of the teams will be big enough that I could use Chaos Wars (also in sixes and twelves), and I expect that an actual Battle of the Five Armies game my brother and I have been discussing will take every orc/goblin that we have painted.
      Edit: Ooops!  Forgot the Dunlendings; there are enough of them to make a unit, and given Saruman's forces a bit of distinctiveness...

    • By kristof65
      It's been 6 years since I last played a sci-fi table top game in 28mm.  Wondering what is out there BESIDES 40k these days? What are you playing and/or what do you recommend?

      My favorite in the past were 40k 2e and Necromunda.  I prefer more skirmish level, and capable of handling multiple players/sides. 
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