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Need players for a new Exalted campaign


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I would like to request players to take part in an Exalted campaign I am cooking up. Those of you who have heard of/played this fine RPG should already know how cool it is. Those of you who haven't should think about playing anyways as this is one of the funnest RPGs out there(imho of course)


This goal of this game is to provide the player an experience of roleplaying that closely follows the excitement of a really good hong kong martial arts movie. That is over the top characters, environments, and especially fights. It is a fantasy setting inspired by the great kung fu/anime movies of our day. By no means just a BESM(big eyes small mouth) game, this game let's you create a superhuman character capable of doing those awesome stunts you see in these movies + much more. You will be able to do things like: jump 30 ft in the air as easily as you might breathe; lift an ox over your head and throw it into a group of enemies; use magic to summon demons or turn a man's blood into molten metal.


If you think that this is something you might enjoy..post a character idea. As far as the technical stuff goes for making a character I can lay down the guidelines once I have some people interested in playing. If you want info on the game go to



I will need at least 3 players if I am to be able to run the campaign succesfully..and there are no "class" restrictions or requirements.


Once you have posted your idea I will run through the character creation process..this will enable you to bring your character to life rather than make a character who is based on points and dots..you will get the character you want or the closest thing possible. Oh i guess there are two restrictions..you have to be human(trust me it won't make you average) and you will be playing as Solar Exalts


this game will be using the Exalted book, Exalted:the Abyssals, the Book of Three Circles, Games of Divinity, and Scavenger Sons..all published by White-Wolf

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