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Another of the Bones halflings-and-gnomes I painted for the January Bones Beauty Pageant.


I like his active pose. I think he has the biggest feet of all the halflings I painted.


His eyes were dark and a little hard to get to. I was trying for a glint out of the shadows effect for his left eye (on our right).


As with all the swords and shiny bits, the reflections are painted on.

post-8022-0-49979800-1425816922.jpg post-8022-0-19715900-1425816936.jpg


post-8022-0-97623500-1425816949.jpg post-8022-0-81786400-1425816959.jpg


post-8022-0-81398900-1425816983.jpg post-8022-0-99045600-1425816989.jpg

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I wanted the palette to be a little darker. Most of my minis painting so far has been pretty bright and colorful. Hellakin is mostly red and black.


And yes, something about his style suggested a little soul patch to me.

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