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This is 02058: Elia Shadowfeet, which came in a set with two others, 03359: DHL Classics Female Halflings.


She's a dainty little Old-School thing.  To give an idea of size, she is standing on a standard Chessex dice box.  There is a later version of Elia who is an amazon by comparison.  Both were sculpted by Sandra Garrity.


She was sculpted with (probably) bare legs, but I added painted-on breeches because that tunic looked mighty short and drafty.  I painted her dark because dark hobbits, why not.  Reflections on the short sword are painted on.


I think the whites on her sleeves got a bit overexposed in the photos except for the back view.  There are a lot of different colors in the shading of those sleeves.


Her face was a bit difficult to paint.  It is very small, and the eyes had a sort of agressive shape with two pits on the side of a ball.  It took a little finagling to make it work.

post-8022-0-08291900-1425823441.jpg post-8022-0-16278200-1425823477.jpg


post-8022-0-30653000-1425823498.jpg post-8022-0-92004600-1425823525.jpg


post-8022-0-30493800-1425823537.jpg post-8022-0-01656900-1425823543.jpg

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