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Help with selecting miniatures


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Unfortunately, I think the best answer is that you're just going to have to go through the catalogue and look at all of them to see what they have. Which, honestly, isn't a bad thing because they have some real gems just waiting to be found. A lot of the NIC stuff is beautiful and fun, but their inventory is HUGE. They'd have to have a catalogue the size of one of those old Sears catalogues to show it all :lol:


I'd love to have that :huh:

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Sometime ago I did a spreadsheet with Monsters from D&D and Pathfinder and Reaper´s correspondence.

It isn´t finished, but I think could help.

Google Drive link


Nice list! Does Reaper have an Aboleth? The Goroloth doesn't really look like one IMO.


No closer than that, really.  Reaper has no interest in violating anyone else's IP.

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Aboleths haven't been drawn terribly consistently to begin with. I'm sure your players would see a goroloth as an aboleth if you painted it up nicely!



I mean, look at the grin on this one!




Goroloth is much more serious than this guy.



Monsters should not grin like door to door salesmen. It's creepy.

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