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Adept's Reapermini fan podcast (unofficial)

Adept Legacy

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So awhile it was discussed that there should be some sort of official podcast.

The Reaper folks are busy doing what we love, so I took it upon myself to make a fan podcast.

The good news, is soon it will be in line with my expectations.


If anyone hadn't heard and wants to check it out, the link is here.


There is a little bit of a balancing issue with my new theme (which I was willing to pay for) in episode 2, but it's improving all the time.

If anyone was wondering, the second episode actually covers the storage solutions I mentioned but never fully explained.

Hope you enjoy it, and you can send me a PM if you have comments or there is some content you'd like me to cover.

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Step Three. Release third episode.

I apologize for the one month behind on my monthly podcast.


The good news is that there is plenty for me to talk about, and I have a lot scripted.


The bad news, is it's going to be another week yet.


Someone awesome, also suggested they would do an interview, and I have no idea what actual questions I should ask.

While I figure out the logistics of doing the interview and getting that all set up, feel free to let me know the kind of questions you would want me to ask my guests.


I assume some classics are:

How did you get your start with Miniatures?

When did you start with Reaper Miniatures (owning / working for / etc.)?


Haven't had too much feedback, other than that there was a noticible improvement on the sound quality of episode 2.

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Not sure how I missed this before. I will be listening to this later.


As for questions, maybe try some of these to prompt discussion:


-favorite mini (Any with a cool backstory?)

-most recently painted mini

-next planned to paint

-Any upcoming release teasers (sculptors, model names, pics, etc)

-favorite and/or most used paint color

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Three months late. Awesome.

Well after the crash of... the everything.

Economy, hard drive, backup hard drive.

Battlestation back to preparedness.


Episode three is up.


I guess there is one for every bones kickstarter.




Music Suggestions

 A Team by Myself -  Grammar Club


Begin Again - Knife Party


Dolphin Style - Death Team


Welcome - Fort Minor



These didn't make it into my show notes, partly, due to my being cheap.


I suppose I should pay for some hosting and do it properly. Oh well.

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