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Evil Shrine terrain piece--Pic heavy at the end

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I had to go to Walmart to get a couple of things earlier. While I was there, I spotted some aquarium stuff on sale. I grabbed what you see below. I didn't know what for at the time, but it was cheap, and I could use it for something.


Looking at it more closely, (and putting a figure next to it) I figured it would make a pretty cool cave mouth.


Except I don't have any foam to make a cave/cliff face with.


So I put it asiude and began working on other stuff. A while later, inspiration struck--an evil shrine!!


Here is what I'm working with:



I'm probably not going to do much with the paint job, maybe some touch ups here and there. Most of the WIP will be adding bits and pieces to it (those will be painted, of course).


At this point, all I've done is remove the plants that came with it.



ETA--aw, jeez. Did I just pull a dumb move? Should this be here, or in the terrain section?  If a mod sees this, put it where ever you think best. Sorry for the extra work...

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Thank you.


And here is what it looks like with a few of the bigger details non permanently attached.



I'm thinking of painting that thing with the helmets on it on the left side of this picture as bone; what do you think?




Any suggestions or ideas?

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Moss is an excellent idea. It will be growing some shortly.


About the rock formation; is it too dark? I kind of like it that way, since it's supposed to be an evil shrine, but would the overall thing look better if the rock was a little lighter?

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This is one of those pieces that will be VERY easy to get carried away with. Strange vines steps winding around the rocks, eerie glowing moss hanging over the sides, cracked & well worn steps leading up to the natural arch of stone under which stands a blood encrusted altar of foul aspect....maybe skip the neon Beetlejuice sign. All that aside, let your creative instincts loose & have FUN with the Beasty!


If you need any Mushrooms give me a holler.

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Maybe etch some runes into it, and paint them red-brown (dried blood color)?

I'm not sure carving is going to happen here; the material it's made out of it pretty resistant to my x-acto blade. I may try to (gulp :unsure: ) freehand some runes and such, though.


Add a bit of highlighting to the rocks and I am sure it will look less flat.


Very subtle and light dry-brushing with a grey only a shade lighter should do the trick.

I like the rune idea, so much. Highlighting depends, is this a night scene? Then I'd say a few passes of dry brushed grey is enough to make it pop a little more. If day time, some dappled sunlight spots in addition to a light dry brush. Some Osl would be pretty cool.


This is going to be awesome.

Not necessarily a night scene, but I'm thinking of someplace that has seen a whole lot of sunlight. I'm inclined to agree about a bit of dry brushed grey wouldn't go amiss.


This is one of those pieces that will be VERY easy to get carried away with. Strange vines steps winding around the rocks, eerie glowing moss hanging over the sides, cracked & well worn leading up to the natural arch of stone under which stands a blood encrusted altar of foul aspect....maybe skip the neon Beetlejuice sign. All that aside, let your creative instincts loose & have FUN with the Beasty!


If you need any Mushrooms give me a holler.

Thank you! I think you're right, I'm coming up with a lot of ideas for this little rock, and some I'm going to borrow from you and others, as well. It's definitely going to be fun seeing how it comes out in the end.


RE: mushrooms--I'm not sure yet. I might just take you up on that. Thank you!

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Oh, yeah, a dremel would probably work fine. I hadn't thought of that. I haven't found mine yet; there's still more than a few boxes I need to go through.



Progress!! I've been adding bits here and there; what do you think?










Still to do:


Runes (either free hand or carved, depends on when/if I locate my Dremel tool), more moss, possibly some vines/ivy, and a splash of paint here and there.


Question: add more skulls/bones/trophy's or is it good already?

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I would stay with what you got for the Skulls... Runes should be the next target and maybe a brazier with hot coals!

I concur with this...just keep in mind, there's a difference between a flaming brazier and a flaming brassiere.


I always want to use those aquarium pieces for something. This a definitely a cool project!

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