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Evil Shrine terrain piece--Pic heavy at the end

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That is a BEAUTIFULLY detailed, WONDERFULLY crafted & painted centerpiece. VERY WELL DONE!

That's quite a compliment coming from you,thank you very much!


Hey! You stole my MUGS!!!  :wow:


Heh, great job, Wolf!

Nope, I harvested them skulls all by my self.




Although a little different than the one I set-up in my backyard, it still looks functional.


I mean, looks great. ^_^


I like the scattered heads especially.


The only point I have is the gnarly tree is a bit glossy.  I would suggest either a powder or light drybrush to knock that sheen down.

Well, it is modeled after the one I have in my backyard.

I mean, thanks! :lol::;,;:


You're right about the trees, I haven't hit this piece with any sealer yet. (It's too nasty outside to do it, and I like my family, so I'm not doing it inside, either)

Hopefully, when spring arrives and I can spray it, that will solve the shiny problem.

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