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02676: Elia Shadowfeet, Female Halfling Thief


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Inspired by the January Bones Little People Beauty Pageant, I pulled out some of my metal hobbits and painted them up as well.


This is Elia Shadowfeet, Female Halfling Thief. I discovered I also had an earlier incarnation of Elia, much more old-school in style but sculpted, as this one was, by Sandra Garrity.


I do like the more modern approach in this figure. She's pretty tall for a halfling, reasonably armored, and packed for a serious expedition.


Looking at some of the other paint jobs, like Derek Schubert's stunning version in Reaper's online store, I am struck by how soft mine look. The colors kind of melt into each other and are sometimes ambiguous as to what they are and where they go.


This is also almost my first attempt in 20 years to paint a blonde mini (this was the first, and only by a few hours).


I do try to make use of the broccoli bases. This one maybe looks a little more tarry than I intended.

post-8022-0-53381100-1425861653.jpg post-8022-0-71033100-1425861668.jpg


post-8022-0-46361200-1425861696.jpg post-8022-0-37299700-1425861702.jpg


post-8022-0-27103000-1425861758.jpg post-8022-0-63957300-1425861764.jpg

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I think the blond come off quite well, and again I love the eyes.


I agree the different bits do blend in with each other a bit. The only thing I can suggest is pushing the highlights a bit more on each (and maybe some darker liner inbetween some of the spots.) For example on the ropes on the cross bow, if you added a bit lighter of the color you have there the ropes would not blend in so much with the rest of the cross bow. The same goes for the other areas on the mini.

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