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LK, they look really nice! Of, course, they would look even better if you painted the terrain they are on!

I'm working on it, albeit slowly. >_< In the last picture you can see a corner of a 2x2 flat I had painted; PaintWorks Gothic Stone triad, with a wash of Payne's Grey afterwards (testing my PG before I used it on figures). I like the blue-grey, but it may be a little dark...

Also a big fan of Anhur here. Good stuff!

Thanks! Up Anhur! Anhuria, abu!

I really like these figs too and the blue looks great on them. I'm finishing up a few today that I started over the weekend.

Looking forward to seeing them!


The blues, as I mentioned, were: HD Dragon Blue, washed with Liquitex Payne's Grey, and then highlighted with HD Dragon Blue again. I went for layered highlights, rather than drybrushing indiscriminately. I could have pushed the highlights higher by mixing white and going over them again and again, but frankly I didn't want to take it that far - these are intended for tabletop use.


The Random Thread, by the by, had no issues determining which was metal primed white, metal primed black, and Bones. How 'bout y'all?


And as an aside: the previously done round shield (furthest left in the group shot) was drybrushed with Ashen Blue when I was doing the LTPK, because the instructions said "Dragon Blue" (a leftover from their Pro Paint incarnation) and I, of course, didn't have that colour. So I went with Ashen, not realizing they meant to use the original colour again... the kite shielded soldier, furthest right, was done exactly by the instructions. I find it interesting to see how dark they both are compared to the Dragon Blue versions newly done, especially at tabletop level.

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