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OH but I do LOVE terrain; AND that is a GLORIOUS Ruin! Knowing it will evolve into something UTTERLY FANTASTIC as you add little touches over time makes it EVEN MORE STUNNING. Your selection of colors & deft brushwork are OUTSTANDING. VERY WELL DONE indeed!

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Thanks very much, everyone. Part of it is that these are "just" stone walls, and don't have things like faces or skin, but I really felt very free to play with color on these. There wasn't a whole lot of thought other than, this might look good. It did mean once or twice I had an "eugggh! Killitwithfire!" moment, but that was easy to fix without stepping backwards. Really loads of fun.


For those of you with experience using artists acrylics, my Burnt Sienna is very gritty and difficult to mix. The other paints all have a smooth consistency, but the Burnt Sienna is very chunky. Is this normal, or do I have a bad tube? It worked fine for the very textural work on these walls, but it would've been frustrating if used on, say, a dragon.

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Burnt Sienna is one of those pigments.  It is a natural earth colored by iron oxides, and can have grit issues.  I have a jar of the pure pigment, and when I use it in egg tempera, the grittiness needs to be worked around (letting it sit and separate helps, since the topmost layer is the finest particles).


That said, I have never had trouble with Burnt Sienna in premixed paints, oils or acrylics, except for student grade ones where the color seems to be duller and the texture coarser.

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Hmm. Thanks for your thoughts, Corporea and Pingo. I suspect it's a combination of student-grade and earthy pigment. Either way, I enjoyed using these enough that I think many of my larger pieces are going to use the artists acrylics...I'll try the burnt Sienna I have for now, and if it really gets egregious I'll upgrade.


Corporea, I didn't try any flow improver this time around. I'll try to remember to have that bottle handy next time.

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