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Going to try and keep a semi-proper WIP thread for once just to see if I can. I've been posting a WIP picture every Sunday to my Facebook feed to keep me motiviated but I want to pick up the pace a little seeing as the last model took 2 months.


This is the smallest size of army for Wrath of Kings. 12 Infantry, 2 leaders and 2 specialists

6 Union workers (the pigs)

1 Union Boss (large guy with a gnome holding a whip on his back)

6 Defender Linesman (humans in steam powered armour)

1 Defender Linesman Guardian (guy with a larger suit and hammer)

The Mighty Taur (The geneticaly modified cow, takes up both specialist slots)




Only the basic assembley so far. Most fit together fine. The female linesman needed the peg on their sword arm removing. It has an L shaped key and if used as is her arm points directly behind her. Taur needed some filling work along his back where the armour plates met in the middle. For the bases I wanted something suitable to the technology in a fantasy setting but wouldn't be too busy and would be easily repeatable across a lot of bases, this is only a third of the infantry I've got a whole load more characters as well so anything too complex would be a headache later. (I did try to pipeworks bases that came with Relic Knights but they are just a tad too large for the WoK bases)


The recess on the bases is fairly deep so I thought just filling it up with putty would be dull. I cut up some straws which will be sections of exposed undeground pipe once the putty goes in around them. One of them I cut a hole in so I'll paint up some liquid leaking out with a puddle on that base. The couple of sections of resin pipe are from the 40K basing kit and fit in the WoK base nicely. The metal cogs will be bent and/or cut a little and partially buried. The rest I've left blank they just get a basic putty treatmant. Keeps everyone varied but in the same theme then. The greenstuff on the large base is just leftovers from when I was filing in Taurs back which I used to mark where he'll stand to ensure there's no interferance with the pipes and where he stands. His staff goes down to level of the pegs on his feet rather than ground level so I want a bit of a dip for it to rest in as well.


The plan tonght is to fill in the bases with milliput and drill out a hole in everyones exhaust pipes.

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Those look really good for PVC figures.


I was very impressed with how most of them turned out. There are quite a few pieces to most figures but even when there's a separate hand there's quite a deep hole in the wrist and peg to make sure it goes together and gets a good surface for glue to hold.


The only other box of infantry I got was the Blood Dancers and I was a little dissapointed, one pose especially, with the skirt held out. They were changed from the initial image shown and not for the better in my opinion. Whilst certainly nicely detailed the bodies are single piece and the resulting minature is very flat


The various other characters and monsters I got though all seemed fine.

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Bases have been filled in with milliput. Finger prints all over the place but it's just to bulk out the base before some texture paint and crackle paint goes on once things have dried overnight. I managed to mix up the perfect amount of milliput for 12 bases. Which would be impressive if I didn't have 13 bases to fill.




I took the opportunity whilst the milliput was soft to push everyone into their base so it should make gluing them in easier.

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Everyone's upright!




Stirland Mud is well named in appearance, texture and ease of painting with. It does the job well but it is not easy to manoeuvre* around a base with a brush. The crackle effect is less..... well... just plain less than I was expecting. Being transparent probably isn't helping it any. If it doesn't show up once painted I may try mixing some with paint towards the end and reapplying.


I probably won't update tomorrow as I won't be doing anything other than a spray undercoat so just imagine the same picture but blacker. Thursday should see some colour though.


*most of the time spent putting this post together was spent trying to determine whether manoeuvre or maneuver was correct as both looked completely wrong. My spell-checker tells me the former is correct and gets angry at the latter so I'll go with that.

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Base colours for the skintones are on. I kinda want to paint a whole army of fat guys now, all the those large areas of skin and folds are weirdly relaxing to paint.




I've base painted the cloth on pigs as well because they all have cute little curly tails poking out and I wanted to save the headache of trying to paint around them later.

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Skin is mostly done, just a last highlight around the face and the big guys nipples. The blue is halfway there. I plan to get those both finished tomorrow and the spend the weekend on metallics.




Also I've made myself a wet palette.... SURE WISH I'D DONE THAT YEARS AGO!!!

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I am not painting 15 figures all at the same time ever again. It is driving me insane. I should have tackled it in larger groups. Finishing the brown leather for the shields and a few pouches tonight, then there's still various detailing left like eyes, mouths and the string of sausages a couple of the pigs have which just raises some really disturbing questions.



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