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Class Schedule - Classes Go On Sale Wed March 11, 2PM CDT


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Those with classes, do me a favor and log back into the schedule page and tell me if the classes you paid for are highlighted?  I was working on that this morning back before I broke things and I wonder if it still works.

Had to log out and back in, but mine show up highlighted now on the schedule page.

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I grabbed the classes I wanted to... or at least I think I did.  The checkout page only shows prices, but no class names.

Yeah, that was...disconcerting.


This and the name/itinerary bug were what I was working on when I broke the thing.  


I'll revisit this and try to get names on itineraries and at check-out after the panic dies down.


I don't want to risk re-breaking it just at this moment.

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I had to log out and log in, but I updated my information.


I also registered for my classes, but I was slow to the process, so I wound up having to front load my schedule quite a bit. Hopefully, I will be able to decompress and relax Friday and Saturday. :wacko:

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Muh classes:


Thurs 2 - 4 pm: with Bob Ridolfi Qty:1


Fri Noon - 2 pm: with Rhonda Bender Qty:1


Fri 4 - 6 pm: with Jeffrey Bowden Qty:1


Sat Noon - 2 pm: with James Wappel Qty:1



Two painting classes and two basing classes.



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Let's see:



4p: Hartwell Corporea / Color Theory



10a: Pieper / How Not to Suck (Sculpting Edition)

2p: Reimer / Painting Tips and Tricks



12p: Wappel / Basing the Wappel Way

2p: Wolter / Good Fast Painting



10a: Wappel / Advanced Glazing

12p: Bender / Painting Transparent Cloth


Whee! I'm really excited.

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Thurs 2 - 4 pm: with Bob Ridolfi Qty:1

In this class, Bob Ridolfi will teach you how to build scenic Fantasy and Horror bases. Students will be supplied with everything they need. Level:All Levels Hands-On

Fri 10 am - Noon: with Charles Alexander Qty:1

Afraid to start--or to finish? Sure that you're going to muck it up? Don't fear the paint! Let Charles show you how to get past all that and fix any mistakes you make. Level:Basic/Intermediate Demo w/Hands-On

Sat 10 am - Noon: with John Bonnot Qty:1

A comprehensive survey covering everything you always wanted to know about miniature painting and forgot to ask. John expounds on the many materials that will help you in your task not to suck as well as specific painting techniques to help you build a good foundation of skills. Consistently rated among the most valuable classes we offer! Students will need to bring their own brushes. Level:Basic/Intermediate Lecture

Sun 10 am - Noon: with Jessica Rich Qty:1

If you like painting the ladies, this is the class for you! Learn the particular tips and tricks that will help you tackle female faces and skintones. Students should bring their own brushes. Level:Basic/Intermediate Demo w/Hands-On

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