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I'm aiming for your OSL class!!! But I think I'm at the intermediate to advance level. I have a hard time with the source lighting part.


My class isn't dumbed down in anyway. It's more that I make a point of using diagrams/examples and detailing out the theory that led me to feel fine with Anne classifying it as more accessible. Once you understand a few key principles, I don't think OSL is as rarefied and complex as many people think. Now actually making your painting hand do what your brain knows it should do and accomplishing the blending and so on, that's an on-going thing, but the concepts and theory are digestible, and there are a few tips that can simplify things for me.


My prepared material focuses on the reflected light more than the source of the light, since the reflected light is the thing people generally don't pull off as well as they could, or outright get wrong. (And I regularly see pictures of pieces by very skilled painters who don't exactly get it right.) But I am happy to also answer questions about painting the light source itself, too.

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