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02933: Talanka, Ogre Shaman (aka "Maw" Hooger)

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She's been done for a little while now but now I'm finally posting her.
This mini will be pulling double duty for me. First she'll be a centerpiece in My warlord Kargir force and then she'll menace my Pathfinder players as "Maw" Hooger, the fierce matriarch of a clan of ogres my players will soon be dealing with.
 Talanka front in snow 1 2

The first few were taken a few weeks ago when there was still snow. Wanted to see how the snow base looked against the real thing.

Touched up nose
Tried to touch up the nose a bit but messed up another part of her face. will have to fix that. :unsure:
I was fairly proud of the frog's belly here.


Edit: linked to pictures from front due to wardrobe malfunction. Slightly embarrassed by the oversight.

New edit: Updated tags and links

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Removed nudity
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In our RotR group we have heard her through the door, but have yet to face Maw Hooger - we did kill Mama Graul who we immediately nicknamed Jabba the Slut!


Great mini - lots of nice details in the items on her back - lots of fun fiddly painting - like the shading and especially the outline work on the horns - very nice

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Thanks. this was my first attempt at lining. I think it turned out pretty good.

Ms. Hooger is not from any particular AP. She is from my homebrew campaign. The Hoogers will have much in common with the Sawyer or Hewitt clans and all that that entails.

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