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I was given the Frog Bishop as a Christmas Present; and promised I would paint it up.

This is the last of the series I have, and then I have a box of BONES II to play with.

I am looking forward to biting into the myriad of Bones that are lined up on my desk.


I did Bishop Ribbit a while back in Green Flesh, and Purples.

This one is going to be in Yellow Flesh and in Greens

(I'm still fighting with the yellows), so lets see what I can do with this.


Here are three photos.





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Top Posters In This Topic

Have been plunking along on the frog.

Have a yellow bone base white on him,

Book has been based, Green miter, and stole begun.

Crozier staff based.

You can also see the trace of the Neon Green socks he's wearing.

(You gotta be spiffy to be a Frog Bishop) !

Just chugging along.






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No more frogs!?!


... ::(:


This one is coming along nicely.

I'll NEVER say no to a gift of a Froggy, just I am now without any of them in my Inventory.

I suspect in time I will be given a few more for birthday, or other events.

Glad you enjoy them Aku-Chan; I have a blast painting them.

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You folks are TOO much.

I got the chance to get some time in on His All Froggy-ness.

I might get him done tomorrow, or Friday; if I am lucky.


So a few photos:

I'm now getting to the serious (well.. when I am laughing all the time;

I can't call that serious); but he's getting character now.








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Some quality time in on the Frog.

I put in three layers of whites on his robes, modified some of the greens,

worked the eyes some, did general cleanup.

No matter how much I control, there is always ONE thing that goes haywire.

Bringing in the highlights on the flesh was fun...hopefully you can see the difference.

White and yellow want to wash out under lights !


Here are some photos.




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I'm really digging the green, but my absolute favorite part so far are the eyes. I love the reddish color. The reflections are big and beautiful but also look "natural" when I look at it if you know what I mean?


Keep in mind that I'm a total newbie when it comes to this, so take it with a grain of salt, but personally I find the highlight on the upper lip area a little distracting at the moment. I think it could be remedied by blending it in a bit more. I know it's still an early stage but yeah just wanted to mention it.


Great stuff and I'm eager to see the rest!

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Plugging along.

Trying to get things reigned back into control.

As I always say, its a never ending battle with me, I want amalgamation, uniformity, balanced intensity....

(whatever that means, I just know what it feels like) !  And when I don't have it !


So here he is, doing tweeks, and mods. 

This is the stuff that drives me bananas usually..ROFL.


Here are some photos...






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