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Yeah, I know, I should actually finish some of my WIP threads before starting more, but this guy was just too cool!


Plus, I wanted to know if Enigma minis are fun to paint, so I can buy some more.


I give you Primus Death:-




No major assembly issues, the cover for his tummy furnace didn't fit too well but think I did an okay job filling the gaps. He's also supposed to have a chain attaching his wrist to his axe, but I don't think the figure loses anything in its absence (I could glue it to my fingers, but not to the mini).


At the moment he is just undercoated and washed in brown (I've managed to get out of the habit of doing this to all my minis, but I really wanted to read the inscription on his tombstone).

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Did the tombstone first as it involved dry-brushing, used my usual stone method (Stone Grey>Brown/Green Wash>Stone Grey drybrush>Rainy Grey drybrush>Aircraft Grey drybrush).

Next, straps. I was originally going to do these as metal bands, but while basecoating in Pure Black I noticed they had buckles on the sides, so switched to Ruddy Leather highlighted with 1:1 Ruddy Leather/Oiled Leather.

Then Imps! Went for a classic red scheme, started with Blood Red, shaded with a Red wash and highlighted with Blood Red and 1:1 Blood Red/Palomino Gold. I gave them teeny tiny Palomino Gold eyes, not sure how well they show up though.


Tried out my new Games Workshop washes, I really like them, quite the improvement over my old Vallejo ones. The green one, for example, is a rich dark emerald compared to Vallejos murky, swamp water green.

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You're doing great, definitely doing justice to the sculpts. And you're one of the most inspiring painters to the 'I'll wait until I get better' camp (of which I'm a longtime member). A cool mini painted now is cooler than a cool mini sitting in a box.

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You're doing great, definitely doing justice to the sculpts. And you're one of the most inspiring painters to the 'I'll wait until I get better' camp (of which I'm a longtime member). A cool mini painted now is cooler than a cool mini sitting in a box.


I'm happy with the level I paint at, but it would be nice to have the ability to do a really high quality, display level paint job on some of my minis, especially ones like old  Primus* here who don't have many painted examples floating around on the Interwebs.


*Primus is actually a bad example, I had a check while writing this and he's surprisingly well represented on CMON. Though most made the same mistake (IMO) that the official version did and went for a really dark colour scheme that hides a lot of his funky details.

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Looking Terrific Aku-Chan !


Love the stone and colors... Beautiful.





Made some progress:-




Did his skin today, had my usual problems with non-human skintones but I think it came together okay in the end.

Started with a base of 1:1 Vallejo Dead Flesh/Maggot White, tried shading it with my new purple wash but it didn't want to settle into the recesses (it's going to make a lovely glaze though), reapplied the basecoat and went with my trusty Vallejo Flesh Shade wash.

Went back over it with a thinned down basecoat and then highlights of Maggot White with a small brushful of my basecoat added in. Despite being practically white had a really hard time getting the highlights to show up, but I'm suspecting this is down to him still being mostly white any ways rather than anything I'm doing wrong.


Next up will either be his mask or inside his tummy furnace.

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Sounds amazing Amazing Aku-Chan!

You have me thinking of this image of a raging fire in the Parlor stove belly !

This is a magnificent mini !

I checked out other's work on this,

I like your lighter colors...

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Thanks guys!



Been making progress, just keep forgetting to write about it!




Painted his head mask thingy, having trouble taking a decent picture of it due to the angle.

Based with Oiled Leather, gave it a Brown wash, highlighted with Oiled Leather and 2:1 Oiled Leather/Yellowed Bone, then gave it a couple Sepia washes to blend it together a bit better.

He also has Blood Red eyes and Linen White mouth stitches, but they're impossible to see.




Then I painted inside his tummy furnace. (This is a later picture after I did more stuff, couldn't see much with the first picture, not that this one is much of an improvement).

Based it with Palomino Gold, gave it a wash of Bloodletter (its a bright Red/Orange wash), and a few little highlights of Sun Yellow.

It doesn't look good, it's hard to see what you're painting when there is a brush crammed in there, think I should have been a little braver and tried painting it up before attaching the grate.




Started on the upper half on his armour, it's just a base of 1:1 Vallejo Bronze/Vallejo Burnished Gold with a Brown wash at the moment.

Not sure what I'm going to do with his gauntlets, the right one is obviously a leather glove but I've got no idea what the left one is made of.

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