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From the mouths of babes...


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So I received my Bones II pledge Monday last week, and as I was sorting through them my 2-year-old daughter saw them, and said 'I want to play with the dragons' - probably something to do with my letting her play with the dragons I picked up in Bones I as she's decided that all plastic figures in bonesium are dragons.


Based on her interest, I decided to dump all the Bones figures I have into a 10 litre tub and give them to her to play with in her playpen (pulling out those that I have a specific use for).


This has lead to her learning a few new words, like elemental, giant, ogre and chimera...but the most interesting things have been what she has decided that some things are.


The cutest of which is what she's decided that the eyebeast (77043) is




According to her, these are now to be known as "rabbits"


As I know there are a few parents here I thought I'd share this and see if anyone else has interesting stories about what their children have said when young...

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I did remove those that were not appropriate as well - including those with small loose bits (dragon and griffon wings I'm not worried about...)


She's pretty good about not putting things in her mouth now, but the main reason she's only allowed them in the playpen is that her brother is liable to try eating them!

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Ok, well in that case, here's mine:


My boys wanted to watch JAWS when they were very young (5 or 6). My wife and I tried talking them out of it, outright told them 'no' and everything else. They weren't having it. Finally, we relented and let them watch it. First we made a point to sit down and explain that it was just a movie, no one was hurt, the people were all just actors, etc and so on. We also explained that it was (this is the important part) a robot shark, and showed them pictures of it.


Fast forward a year or two and we're out someplace having dinner. The conversation drifted to things I have eaten. Eventually, the list made it's way to seafood.


My wife looked at the 2 boys and said 'Daddy has eaten shark'


I said, 'That's right, I ate JAWS'.


Without missing a beat, the younger one looks at me and says,'You ate a robot shark?'


I just about choked. :lol:

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HA...that's a GREAT story!  I posted over in the Show-Off section a Reptus my 6 year old painted.  He told me the mouth and claws were red because it eats people.  When I asked weren't turtles vegetarians hey said yeah but it's part dragon too and has pointy teeth, so it eats people.  At that point I conceded defeat.


Non-game related, but when he was three a waitress asked him what his name was and he told her his correct first, middle, and last name, but threw Penelope in there too.  Because once or twice I told him I was going to call him Penelope if he didn't quit calling his Nana by her first name.

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My four year old daughter sang a song this weekend about how daddy (me) has a million billion miniatures and and twenty dragons and that he always has more come in the mail.


She did this while strumming a ukulele during the assembly process of the two curio cabinets I purchased from IKEA to show off the minis.

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According to her, these are now to be known as "rabbits"

Easter is going to be soooo confusing for her.


You're going to have to stick bunny ears on that eye beast.


And for a story. "The 'evil' Easter Bunny Eye Beast has hidden all of your eggs. What a nasty bunny. Go and find them and eat them in his face."

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We have identicle twin nephews who are almost 3 yrs old.

We have dwarven forge tiles and bones...


This means Owen builds the dungeon with my husband... then Donald goes "Uhhh ohhh ogers coming" and destroys the dungeon. Donald then cries.

Then we rebuild.

For some reason the boys decided one of the ogers (actually orcs) had a shop in the dungeon where he sold "pumpkin pants". We do not know what pumpkin pants are. But they sound cute.

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