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Raging Heroes: Dark Elves and Sisters


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4 hours ago, Werkrobotwerk said:

didn't help. mold release agent still screwed up my attempts to prime any that had too much mold release. nothing short of sanding down the offending area to remove the stuff had any noticeable effect on improving primer adhesion in my experience. I have long since written off large portions of my pledge as complete junk.


Go out and get hold of a can of car spray Etching Primer.

Spray the miniatures with the car spray.

Use it outdoors.

Wear a face mask when you do.

Leave them for 24 hours.


After that you can paint over it with whatever you want with minimal to no loss of detail. Just make sure it's Etching Primer as opposed to any other car spray. It's worked a treat for my figures with a greasy sticky feel to them. I didn't have any leaky ones 'though.

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