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That is an AMAZING transformation; the mane turned out BEAUTIFULLY. While the statue effect is SPLENDIDLY DONE, it does show that the pieces would also work well as actual animals...that also is one of the reasons the statues look SO good. All that aside, GREAT WORK!

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 I've picked up some really awesome non-metal figures and knick-knacks at dollar stores in the past...


(In fact, I just included a Safari LTD plastic toy dragon in the Box o' Goodwill the forum is sending around - aside from the wings being a bit small for my taste, it was otherwise a perfectly good sculpt for painting and using as a miniature.)

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    • By scorpio616
      From this tip I decided to make some cages since I'm running A1 then possibly A2. I went with smaller rollers to make the cages, just under an 1" wide so a good number can be used on tabletop. Made 2 normal height, 8 dwarf height and 8 heroic (lack of) scale height. Had some game counters (some sort of 18.5mm tiddlywink) that fit the rollers perfectly. Painted them black and glued those into place. Mixed some metal paints together in varying amounts and drybrushed. FInished with a light drybrushing of browns / reds to make them look like they belong in some undercity sewer turned slave storage chamber. My slavers sure are not going to be giving their slaves a 10x10 cage apiece!



      Hey folks, sometime in the near future i plan to make a series of shrines for the major gods in the D&D universe(my experience is limited to 4th ed lore). Each shrine will be around 2*2 to 4*4 squares large and primarily feature a statue in the likeness of said god. By divine guidance, I have already selected and aquired most of the miniatures from Reaper and I have msot of the building blocks I think i need from Hirst Arts. My question to the Council of Brushlords and Brushladies would be regarding the look of these statues. Im looking to get a reasonable variety in the look of the sculptures, anything from limestone to fel crystal. So far i can pull off a drybrushed grey stone look, but it would be terribly dull to repeat this 12 or so times
      - What tips or sites would you recommend for neat looking statues?
      - Do you have recommendations for the materials I should use for a particular deity?(eg- Erathis painted to look like marble)
      I plan to start a WIP thread when I can clear my slate to focus on this project, but here are the minis i have so far in no particular order:
      Bahamut: (2x) 03600: Praying Paladin, 65025: Praying Paladin
      Erathis: 50001: Sascha Dubois, Time Chaser
      Pelor: 02803: Brother Vincent
      Avandra: 60059: Harrower
      Corellon: 14450: Larnach, Grey Elf Mage
      Lolth: 02990: Crypt of the Vampiress
      Sehanine: 03352: Children of the Zodiac: Virgo
      Ioun: 03291: Heinz Stargazer
      Kord: 03309: Kord the Destroyer, Barbarian
      Moradin : None yet
      The Raven Queen: 60088: Cleric of Urgathoa
      Melora: 14274: Clarissa Banshee,Razig Mage
      Zehir: None yet
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