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Attention all you bug experts!!!

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So, I have painted up 3/4 of a Warmaster section of CAV's with "BUGS" or "INSECTS" as the theme. Considering Borsig Spline already provides a great starting point, as you can guess, I have already painted up the following CAV's in the following pattern:


1. Mantis - Greenish w/ tannish markings as the Praying Mantis

2. Scorpion - Light brownish w/ blackish, dark brownish markings as with the North American Scorpion

3. Spider - Glossy black (may paint red Black Widow markings or the brilliant light yellowish markings of the Orb spider)


So, here's my problem... Since Borsig Spline only has these three "insect" named CAV's, I'm left without the 4th member of this all bug section (mostly because I want to have 4 distinctly different bugs). Here's what I've thought of so far as a possible CAV modification to fill the spot:


Option #1. Borsig Spline "Rhino Beetle" - Basically an Ogre minus the 3 Herker 34 PBG's, adding the Rhino's two Maxim 1 GRC's. The idea... Big tough lumbering powerful beetle.


Option #2. Borsig Spline "Emperor Beetle" - Same as above except the two weapons utilize the Emperors two RKW GRC's. This is my preference but the model or parts have yet to be released.


Option #3. Borsig Spline "Spider Ant" - Based on the mimicking spider... not sure what weapon variations other than dropping the Naftan 66 GC. Not ideal since it is a base model I'm already using.


Option #4. Some converted creation utilizing the Wyvern... no clue what though.



If any of you have suggestions on some type of modification and/or what type of insect to pattern the hybrid CAV from please let me know. Your help would be appreciated. Currently I'm strongly leaning towards option # 1 or # 2 above.


I'm really stoked about putting this section to use because it has a very cool, unique look (I've really put forth the paint effort to match the actually insect patterns). For anyone feeling stagnant about painting CAV's this has been a re-motivator for me to paint miniatures and the theme has me excited. I can't wait to bust these out against my opponents. Of course, with my dice rolling luck they'll probably get SQUASHED in 4-6 seconds flat... know what I mean?

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Firstly Jag, when using the Mantis, swap the Breeder for the one from the Wyvern. The stuff in the fluff about the Wyvern's breeder not being up to the task to they made a new one is blatantly wrong.... the Wyvern's breeder has a better set of numbers and only adds a few points to the Mantis' cost. Bad Blood do this extensively (lots of Wyvern parts left over from when the Vikings got mauled) and it makes the Mantis an even more powerful CAV.


As for the other issue, I'd suggest modifying a Scorpion or a Spider to include something else weapon-wise, or perhaps a Mantis with Gkw14's from the Dictator 2. Since the overdrive works on any chassis (the JoR2 errata corrected this oversight) you could end up with a 'Praying Mantis' which is capable of dealing mondo damage.


By removing the DFM's from the Mantis, as well as the PBG's, and only adding on the Gkw14's you'll probably come out with something akin to the Mantis' regular points. The Gwk14's will work out at 149 points each, but for a pair of +7 cannons which can overdrive to a pair of +9's would be effective in the extreme. You could bastardise this CAV further by adding a +4 TL from either the Spider (lose 5th track, but cheapest option), Gladiator or Tiger.


Hope this helps.

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I don't know if you've seen these already but theirs pictures of some pretty cool scorpion and spider conversions in the mil-net gallery. Some by Herr Oberfroschmeister who's already chimed in here and a King Scorpion with what appears to be two Maxim 1's by somebody else. Definately worth a look.

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If you're looking for something legal though, may I suggest using the Mantis' weapons and throwing them on a Scorpion chassis? Or perhaps the Spider chassis, that way you don't have a whole track with no weapons :o)

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Yeah, I've seen the photos of other Scorpion models on a website before (mil-net I think?) Very nice work.


Um. Whispering Scorpion...


Pull off that wimpy Naftan 66 and slap a Whisper Missile launch rack on that sucker. Okay, so it's not a legal mod, it's a good DEAR LORD WHAT IS THAT THING model and scares the crap out of your opponent.


Now THAT'S thinking outside of the box!!! I like your thinking Frosch... probably a good thing it isn't legal... LOL


Well, my first hopes were to use a completely different CAV than the other three I've already used (Scorpion, Mantis, Spider). Next, I'd like to use mostly Borsig Spline parts if not the primary unit itself. Unfortunately that leaves me with two models to work with: Ogre & Wyvern. Then to alter it to a "bug" theme I'd want to match some insect to the model and make modifications to match it. Barring this, my second choice is to use one of the same models as before and just modify it.


Thanks for the input... please keep on suggesting any other "bugs" you can think of as a modification. Oh, and please do give your opinion on what real world insect the unit would match.

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my line of thinking, not always a straight line, bear with me.


the ogre is a pretty little unit (hey, opinions require no commentary, guys). if I was to compare her to a bug it would have to be some form of beetle.


now taking the name ogre that conjures up big descriptive words, like giant, massive, monstrous.


add in the fact I am not presonally fond of converting until I have one each of the stock models at least I think about how to fit your request into what comes from the package.


Giant Beetle or call her an Ogre Beetle.


horned beetle kinda works too in my thinking as there are three guns, or two arms and a horn....


paint schemes, I'd prefer either beetle to be orange and black, a glossy black, with a dark metallic(steel plate) trim. And if you based, I'd use Mrs.Dash mixed with a bit of ground coffee. seal it well and true insects will leave it alone.


okay, there, I shared some ramblings, hope it helped.



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Thanks Cher... sounds like we're on about the same page of thinking. Great photo links too... and DANG that's a B.O.B (Big Ole Beetle) crawling up that arm.


I'd been looking through insect books/photos too and recently it occurred to me that an alternate to the beetle concept I'd initially posted, perhaps some ESM unit would be feasible. Essentially a small insect, relatively harmless, but fast and I'd make it an electronics specialist.


So, now to brainstorm how to convert one of the ESM or Scout units into a small insect like a "grasshopper" or "ladybug" or "tick" or ... yadda yadda.

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I was thingking a 7 DT mod witht eh Dictator2 Guns on... OD on 6DT, and then run away!


Hmmm... nice concept there Earthwalker... that definitely has potential. Apparently I'd gotten one track minded and was only thinking to use "super heavy" weapons, but this idea of yours has some merit. I guess I'll have to take another look at similar options.


Thanks :;):

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Unfortunately, running away with either a Revenant or a Mastodon isn't gonna be very fast. However, if you add the +2 movement upgrade and have a scenario where you're using either of the increased speed scenario rules you could concievably move fairly quickly.


Almost definately not enough to prevent getting destroyed though.

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