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Box 'O Goodness Round 2: Bonwirn's Group - 14227: Herne Lancer, Crusaders Sergeant

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Hello all! Kharsin here. I've had the honor of starting our group painting WIP for Bonwirn's group in the Box of Goodness exchange. So here we go!


Bonwirn generously donated Reaper's 14227: Herne Lancer, Crusaders Sergeant for our group to paint. I wasn't sure where to start as I was at the end of the list for the previous box exchange. At any rate, I haven't gotten a lot of experience painting animals, so I decided to start by painting the horse's coat. The following pics are shots at various points of completion. I think it came out pretty good, but if anyone wants to add to it, feel free! 


Primed out of box:








Mid Progression:




Final Pics:









I'm pretty happy with where I left him. The closeness of the lamp made him look a bit washed out in these pics as is normal with my WIP pics. I think the tail could use a bit of work, but I can fuss with minis for hours! Again, I enjoyed getting our group started. I can't wait to see what we end up with!



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    • By Talae
      This thread is shamelessly ripping off a wonderful idea from our goblin friend @buglips*the*goblin from this thread way back around Bones KS1 days.
      The intent of this thread is to have lots of people post WIP shots of their Bones Sophie paint jobs. Here are the minis to pick from (SKUs to be updated here soon):

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    • By ub3r_n3rd
      HERE WE GO!!!
      The journey for Friar Stone has finally reached its conclusion, he has returned home with many tales to tell and many adventures to reminisce about.
      His final stop brought him to me to have his base done and I went with something simple, but elegant. A stone pave way with him situated on top of one of the display plinths I won at the ReaperCon auction and stained up a nice color.




      Figure: Friar Stone, The Traveling Monk
      Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures
      SKU#: 03205
      Sculptor: Tre Manor
      Material: Metal
      ub3r_n3rd Korimar Samurai Jack Hibou Generic Fighter Talae CashWiley Thank you to everyone who was involved in this project, he is AWESOME, such great painting and I was happy to base him up!
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      In the last Box o' Goodwill round, I had the opportunity to start a box. Since we had a number of Sir Forscales around already, we landed on Bobby Jackson's Hosilla for our group-paint project. My group members did all the work; I just added a little basing that hopefully isn't too obnoxious--I noticed in the photos the lighter color of the stuff I used didn't take the wash fully in a spot or two, especially along one edge. So it looks a bit bright. Sorry. I'll fix it later but decided to go ahead and post it since it since the painting's what's hot, here. It's some fine painting everyone did, too. Please to be enjoying the work of these folks, in mailing order:








      I think these are the first pictures I've posted using the lightbox I made. Hopefully these do the group's fine painting at least a little bit of justice.
    • By ub3r_n3rd
      Here it is! The final pictures for Team ub3r's Box of Goodwill group paint!
      You all did such a fantastic job on this figure, I was amazed when I saw it in the box!
      Figure: Sir Almaran the Gold, Paladin (Reaper SKU# 77058)
      Sculptor: Bobby Jackson
      Material: Bones Plastic
      Painted by:
      Doug Sundseth
      Aard Rinn
      Thes Hunter
      ub3r_nerd - Basing, used a Secret Weapon 40mm base.
      Without further ado!





    • By catdancer
      This is a game play terrain & building(s) piece of a country inn & stables in a tranquil setting (10mm scale). The whole piece is scratchbuilt (except for the horses & the single brown stag in the lower left corner). The piece is (16" x 16") built on a celing tile base. All rock formations are my plaster casts cut & sculptured as needed.
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