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My opinion, combined with a bit of experience, is to go ahead and assemble everything at home and risk the transport. Once you are at the con you are likely to find your time to finish something evaporating quite quickly. Best to do it at home, let it set overnight and come back and take one last look at it the next day. Of course I do expect to receive some entries coming in towards the 5pm deadline on Friday to still have some wet paint on them!


You will also do better if you have sacrificed something to the model, usually blood. Minis always do better when you have bled on them. Injuries caused by but not limited to;

slicing your finger open while opening the blister with a sharp knife (be sure to drop some of the blood on the mini), or slicing your finger open during prep with any or all of the range of tools on your workbench (knife, file, drill bit, etc, again be sure to drop some of the blood on the mini), or super gluing your finger to the mini and leaving skin behind (not as good as blood though).



Does it count if I bled into the GS while sculpting the original model, even though it has now been cast?  If so, I'm set.



Yes, but only if blood wound up mixed into the putty.




Wow, this thread has taken a grim turn.





I think that's to many generations removed to count. Now if you were painting the green itself then that would definitely count, probably double.

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I thought that if a little bit of blood didn't end up in your work then you're doing it wrong.

I concur.

...wait wrong manufacturer...

I was thinking that when the conversation took this turn...


I also can neither confirm nor deny that I may actually utter those words when I cut myself...

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So last night, I started on my ReaperCon diorama... I'll post up a WIP thread that hopefully will keep me motivated to use every available minute to me to get it done on time. Pretty excited about the idea in my head, we'll have to see if it can come to fruition.

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