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Count down to AWESOMENESS!


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Ugh..ugh...stop staring at miniature...start painting. 


If you're really good, you'll paint it... with your mind!


Of course, for those keeping score, I have zero done, and two to go. ::P:


Well, I plan to bring one or two older minis that I painted during the year, but they don't COUNT!


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8 days to TX BBQ.



It snowed here yesterday. <_<    



Got the Steeek painted and glued to the marble base.  Today, I sculpt in the forest floor, mushrooms and plants.  Unfortunately, I have to sculpt using water as lube and I HATE that.  


Built more armatures yesterday for the ongoing sculptapaloosa.  Realized that my armature stock is getting pretty low, so I'll be taking a trip to Hub Hobby tonight.

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One week to go at this Point we will be wheels up winging our way W for the first 45 mins of the flight, to Dallas by way of Chicago.  I hope that I am decompressing by that point and shedding some of the day to day.  In the meantime I need to finish my piece for ReaperCon not sure when that will happen though.  My Wife is out of town until Friday night and needs to be picked up at the Airport,  We have an Eagle Scout Court of Honor on Saturday, and my wife wants to go camping near the Court of Honor location.  It's not looking good.

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One week from now.....   I'll be sitting right here...  at my workstation, daydreaming of minis, paint, and classes....  there will be much nashing of teeth that morning, waiting for lunch to arrive so I can get the heck out'a Dodge and get the years best event started!

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