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Count down to AWESOMENESS!


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6 days


Made great progress on the Wyvern base yesterday.  Painting the ferns I sculpted it tedious though.  


Due to kid stuff, I didn't get much sculpting done last night, but I have all night tonight free and expect to make good strides then.



Car is ready to go and I have started staging out he stuff I need to bring.

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It will be a mad dash to the finish line but I think we will have everything ready for ReaperCon.


Check out our give away for the games we are running.  Not only will you have fun but we will give you free stuff!  Guess which company we learned that concept from :blush:



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BTW, the one on the left is how we are handing them out.  The one on the right is how it looks when you add some acrylic paint into the crevices (I only had spray paint at the office but you get the idea).


It'll be like inking my old acetate dice all over again. ::D:


I'm gonna bring my crayons!

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I did not enter anything in the contest during my first year, and I regretted it.


Year 2 for me and nothing entered yet.  No regrets.  I will do something when I feel comfortable enough to put something in that is not from one of my Learn To Paint Kits. :)

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