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Bonesylvanian Chibis: Dr. Death and Leaky Steve

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These are the first Bonesylvanian chibis that I started and I am having a great time with them. As you can see, I've done all the basics, but still have a few more things to touch up before I call them done.

Leaky Steve's teeth need some attention as well as his knees. What more does he need?

I don't know what to do with Dr. Death. He needs something more...but what? I considered putting little fires for his pupils, but know that I can't pull off the OSL to really sell it...so it'd just be fire-like eyes floating in blackness...help?



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So I finally got some time to work on these again. I finished up Leaky Steve's dental work and called him done.


As for Dr Death, I highlighted his cloak and then he got the blue and white eyes as suggested for now, though I'm not sure he'll stay that way. I'm still considering some kind of fire-eyes... so I included my Krosmaster Oscar Kass which has the fire-eyes to show what I mean by that. Sorry about the massive glare, I need to dullcote him but I'm waiting for more minis to do a batch of dullin





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Had time last night, so I sat down and worked on the next guy, who I've named Ichabod. I'm quite happy with his impressively large noggin, and that should be done with a few touchups. But I'm not quite convinced that his coat and belt are done...is the rope too bright? is the coat believable as leather? And should I just leave the darkness under the coat as-is, or try to put some form of this branch legs in there?



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The next group of 4 has been primed (with gesso!) and I was able to put some bases down...


Then I was excited to try something different on the mummy and knocked him out. I was trying for a 'his death involved some kind of trauma to the face' look.


I then spent a little more time on Mr Pumpkinface


Comments and criticism welcome!

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Put some more work into Mr Pumpkinface. He's looking good; I especially like the green arms instead of brown as they stand out better from the coat. Speaking of, I like the way his coat is turning out;however, it feels a little more boring than his older brother's without the reddish brown from the Harvest Brown. Opinions?



Swampy is coming along nicely as well... its hard to tell from the blurry phone pics, but the yellow to aqua blending on his ears is not bad...though I might need to add another layer of yellow to bring it out


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Very nice work!  You've captured the light reflection/chibi eyes well on these. As for the leather, I agree with robinh on adding another layer of highlights just along the edges of the clothing--sleeves and the overlap of the coat near the buttons. The green arms definitely add some nice contrast/separation to the brown of the coat. I also agree with adding back the reddish tones from the first guy.

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Thanks for the input... I likely wont have much time during the week to implement anything, but I'll do so when I get a chance for sure!


And I'd highly recommend tackling them, optimus, they are seriously tons of fun to paint--I especially like that they are small and don't have a million little details to paint, so I can bang one out in 1-2 hours.

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