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14037 Sir Conlan, Crusader Sergeant

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I suspect that some may be amazed to realize that I really DO paint Reaper Miniatures.


I'm very fond of Bobby Jackson's work and have chosen this one to be my first of the Bones II

to paint. I did enjoy how easy it was to remove some of the base with a pair of nippers.


Here are three photos of the Miniature.





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It will take a couple days for me to actually do a lot on him.

I'm still not over that head cold completely.  Wore the visor while clean off mold lines,

and wow, that played some head games with the cold symptoms...ROFL.


I think robinh is trying to trick me into painting this old crusader with a set of "Nuremburg Armor"...

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I just put a coat of Templar Blue as the base shadow coat on the cloak.

Think that is a good start.

Interesting when I look at the Bones sculpt, there are some challenges I hadn't thought about

with this sculpt.

The "void" where the sword blade meets the inside of the cloak, (Between the right waist, and right ankle will have to be put into a neutral shadow).

Gotta play with that to see what will work.  You can see it in the last photo.

The way it was cast makes the blade really thick there.





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Took some time and put a coat of cream brown on tabard.

I'm trying to layer in undercoats to create a goof foundation for building up the contrast

so I can get some good highlighting on this Mini.  So skin tone in, cloak in, and Tabbard

base painted.  Next is the armor which I'm thinking is going to be black-ish.



Here are two more photos.





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Nice blast of winter this morning.  Was a good reason to start laundry...

The dryer would contribute some heat, while I did some painting !


The white was driving me bonkers, and I couldn't see any details on the miniature.

Applied a liberal brown wash in several coats to bring out the details.

NOW I know what I am looking at, and brought some focus into the miniature,

it also told me I made two good choices on base colors.  They work together !


Here are four photos of our crusader.

(I should have cut off that motto scroll off the shield pattern).







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Managed to finish a few chores early, and got some more paint time in.


I am using a Gunmetal Gray for the Armor at this point.

Add some leather straps, and now I am seeing a unity in the Miniature.

(Jay's world.. UNITY...most important, I'm not a big kinetic energy fan).

It has its place, just "Over-There-Not Here".


Oh.. I'm not adverse to comments, sometimes its nice to come out of the silence

and see what someone else thinks of what I am doing.



So here is the crusader near to my fun stage!






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Your sure you painted that cloak Jay.... looks more like you smoothed blue poster tac all over it!    :upside:



(that is saying something about the smoothness of your base coat...!) :devil:

Not being familiar with Poster Tac, I'm going to smile and assume you done did gived me a compliment !


I am now enjoying the stage that the mini is at.  Almost have everything identified as to what it is;

and what I can do with it.  Time for some shadow work, followed by some highlight work.

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I like the color choice.  My advice/suggestion.  Save the 1st photo you have there with the gun metal layer.  It should give you and excellent visual starting point of where to place your shadows and highlights on the metal armor.

I'm going to print the photo out and then use it in the highlight stage !

Thanks for the great idea !

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