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HFV001 - Barwench

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As I said in your WIP, I love the colors especially the yellow. The way you painted her face is quite lovely and I love the freehand apple. I also quite like how your stains on her cloth worked out. She is a mini to be proud of, I like everything about her.

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Thanks, I was surprised how well palomino gold worked as the base for the yellow.  She was fun to paint.  Thanks to all the suggestions in my WIP, you really get me inspired to try new things I wouldn't normally push myself to try. 

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She's a sweet little figure. The blending is very nice and the colors are clean and subtly done. I bet she looks fantastic on the tabletop.

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Wonder Woman was the first thing I thought of seeing her.

But then a bit more decently dressed.


Looks very nice, you made a regular model stand out.

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      Not as happy with Candy as I was with Sugar, but she was fun to paint. She does have pupils in her eyes, honest.
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      This is my third(!) attempt to paint Sugar. She almost ended up back in a bowl of Simple Green but this time I persevered. Her eyes aren't perfect but I'm happy with the way she came out — although not 100% sure about her hair — and I'm getting better at painting white. The sad-looking teddy is from the City Scenics Back Alley Accessories set by TTCombat.




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